So Much To Love About PCHSearch&Win’s Prizes This Week!


It’s coming.  Whether you want it to or not, next Thursday will come and unless you are currently living under a rock, you will be hearing all about it.

Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day!

What is it about this holiday that makes everyone either love it or hate it? Well for starters, people always think that to really enjoy this holiday, you must have a special someone in your life. And if you don’t, well then the day just has to be miserable.

But listen up searchers. Your Valentine’s Day should never be a day to dread or fear — it should never be a day of disappointment!  Instead, forget the old labels of what the day should be, and simply make it a day of LOVE.  Not just between two specific people, but between all of us.  Here at Publishers Clearing House, we love our fans! And at PCHSearch&Win we show that love by giving away prizes to our users every day! There’s so much to love about that, right? You may be spending the day with one person or maybe you are still going through your typical daily routine.  Either way, we want you to know that PCH loves our loyal members, and that PCHSearch will be giving away the prizes that you love all week!


Monday, February 11- Start the week by spreading love around your home with five $100.00 Ikea gift cards!


Tuesday, February 12- There’s no reason not to love cash! One of our $100.00 cash prizes could become yours!


Wednesday, February 13- $100.00 Ebay gift cards will be going to five lucky searchers!


Thursday, February 14- On Valentine’s Day we are REALLY sharing the love with $100.00 gift cards from Best Buy, HSN, and Sears; cash prizes of up to $500.00; and a brand new Dell laptop!


Friday, February 15- Ten Amazon Kindle Fires will really start a fire in your heart!


Saturday, February 16- Search for a chance at one of five $100.00 gift cards from Macy’s.


Sunday, February 17- $1,000.00 Cash…what’s not to love about that?


WOW, there’s so much to love about this week’s prizes! Don’t you agree? Show US the love back by commenting below and searching all week long!

Until next time Searchers,

Nick P.
Social Media


16 thoughts on “So Much To Love About PCHSearch&Win’s Prizes This Week!”

  1. I am trying to win this prize 3 of 5 $100.00 HSN Cards from PCH could some one there please enter me it to this contest.
    Thank you for your time,
    Joann Parrott

  2. I’d love to win this five $100.00 HSN cards. Please let it be me to win this amazing pch prizes. Thanks You, PCH!

  3. Valeria Anne Sanchez says:

    Wished. On a star .

    Who I do care so much,well then I am still to say,if a change could happened once then the chance can happened again,I know that if would ever able to what is giving,I know that new experience could if I am able share to all. But,if where the unpleasant comes then who will really want to see the treatment who comes in peace from the beginning. I know changes is hard,sometimes it wont hurt tried. I hope I win to share with others

  4. Kashun Stevenson says:

    Kashun Stevenson . Without love in this world their would be nothing but,.. Evil doing walking this earth it would be a living nightmare but,.. For god their is joy in this world that we live in their is love and happiness and there is forgiveness and we all know without forgiveness in your hearts their’s no love for yourself …love is for giveness….god bless you all …in jesus name amen.

  5. I would love to win after so many year with PCH. Thank you

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