This Week’s PCHSearch&Win Instant Prizes Are A Must-Win!


Searchers, it’s MONDAY! And I am SO happy. Am I this thrilled for another exciting week at work? Am I stoked out of my mind to be cruising the social media world and hanging out with the most awesome fans ever? Can I barely contain my excitement because of both those things? Yes, yes and yes, but I’m also stoked because Monday is the start of the TV week.

Oh, how I love TV. It’s my wonderful escape at the end of a long day. If I’m ever stressed out I just flip on the tube and drift away to get lost in the world of characters who have stolen my heart. They make me laugh, they make cry and sometimes they scare the living daylights out of me (because some of them are zombies). But the fact of the matter is that TV is my escape and there’s always something on.

You know where else always has things going on? If you said PCHSearch&Win, you are correct sir! (hi-oh!) Let’s pull up the “winning guide” of instant prizes for this week, shall we?

Monday 2/18: 10 $25.00 JCPenny gift cards are up for grabs today…a little something to put towards those red carpet looks you want to achieve!

Tuesday 2/19: We’re giving away a Dell laptop…perfect for watching TV on the go, don’t you think?

Wednesday 2/20: 10 $50.00 cash prizes will be awarded today!

Thursday 2/21: 5 $100.00 HSN gift cards will be given away today! (That’s a promotion after my own heart!)

Friday 2/22: Got bills? Someone will win $500.00 CASH to pay theirs today!

Saturday 2/23: 5 $50.00 Stubhub gift cards will be given away today!

Sunday 2/24: If TV isn’t your thing, we understand. That’s why we’ve got 25 $20.00 Barnes and Noble gift cards for some lucky searchers today!

My TV shows are must-see…but those instant prizes are must-WIN! Don’t you agree? If so, head on over to PCHSearch&Win and search away!

15 thoughts on “This Week’s PCHSearch&Win Instant Prizes Are A Must-Win!”

  1. Billie Lacy says:

    Playing in praying I win

  2. cbarbee says:

    I love playing all your games, searching, entering sweepstakes, now its time to WIN IT ALL, dreams come true,,,,,,,,,

  3. MaryPhillips,I Do,I Do!Iwanttowin says:

    Pch yes i sure can use $500.00 from the INSTANT WIN GAMES, I WOULD.LOVE TO CLAIM THIS FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS and a $50.00 STUBHUB GIFT CARD for today ,,,Thankyou PCH

  4. jacqulyn bowey says:

    I’d really love to win!!

  5. Gwen Buchanan says:

    I love being a part of PCH it’s so much FUN!!!!

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