8 thoughts on “2_18_Prizefest”

  1. Ruben Gallegos says:

    add your comment here

  2. Ruben Gallegos says:

    Thank u I want to win

  3. Cynthia Edge says:

    I would love to win this TV.

  4. brian sparks says:

    and the only place the sparks family will shop and search non stop. will be P C H

  5. brenda cazares says:

    Want to claim entry for1830 forever sweepstake

  6. Theresa Kline says:

    My life wouldchange for the better by making me more healthier. i do not have health coverage and I need more medical treatment and just maybe I could get more out of life. My life right now is unnormal.I live in bed most of the day because of the pain. I wanta second chance in ife by getting the right mdical treatment I need. I do have hope and dreams and I will never give up. My second half will e donated to the health center for childre.Thank you for all the chances and I do pray I see the Prize Patrol at my door.

  7. Ruben Gallegos says:

    Win I do

  8. kathy ricci says:

    Its Monday and my Birthday I could use a little gift from the TV.I like to be a prizefest winner:0)

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