PCH Prize Patrol Ready To Award Next Big Check!

Publishers Clearing House enjoys awarding millionaire-making prizes! And — RIGHT NOW — the PCH Prize Patrol is getting ready to award a life-changing Million Dollar Big Check  on February 28th.


So Much For The Prize Patrol To Do!

Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam are ready to travel ANYWHERE to make the newest PCH winner’s dreams come true. And they’ll spare no effort to make the winner’s winning moment unforgettable. Here are just some of the jobs they’ll soon be finishing to prepare for the BIG WINNING MOMENT:

  • Get Big Check made with the winner’s name
  • Find the local floral shop and order flowers
  • Contact the local media about the life-changing winning moment
  • Get the winner folder and Prize Patrol supplies (like balloons and champagne)
  • Book necessary plane flights, secure Prize Patrol van and hotel reservations
  • Dry clean Prize Patrol uniforms
  • Pack

So Much For YOU To Do On Prize Day!

The Prize Patrol will be working hard to make February 28th extra special. Now what can you do to stay up to date about the prize delivery?

As We’re Searching For A Winner, What Should YOU Be Searching For?

Should you become the BIG WINNER on February 28th, you’d probably start using PCHSearch&Win to search for different things. Here are just a few topics that might interest our newest winner:

So, what’s the first luxury YOU would SEARCH for if you win the February 28th Big Check? COMMENT BELOW to let us know! And remember to follow the PCH Prize Patrol tomorrow!

Keep Searching For Your Dreams,

Elliott M.

236 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol Ready To Award Next Big Check!”

  1. Jeannette Hall says:


  2. MaryAnn Iversen says:

    Iam ready for My life to change forever I hope Iam chosen to win the big prize on December 23rd 2016 it would be such a blessing for my Sons and Me!!!

  3. lucy torres says:

    Iam so happy everybody my hart is pummping holp fullly c the pch. Prize patrol will come to my door iam sitting hear waiting i hope it my turn i will be so so so happy😊

  4. Youa Moua says:

    This year has been a very tough year for me and my family,my dad resigned from his job to take care of my sick mother, then I lost my job, and I have non supporting siblings, I’ve been jobless for quiet awhile now, and ever since then my whole world has become like hell for me. It’s like constant bad luck happening left to right, after another. It just keeps adding on. I am so far behind on my bills, I didn’t get approved for EDD benefits, which was a bummer for me, I’m always on my laptop applying for jobs on all the job boards online and still no luck. Nobody ever sees the good that I do, all they see is my flaws. It’s really hard to keep up when your family is all that you have, but they’re always putting you down and doubting you everyday. I’ve tried so hard and yet, no luck on my side. Some days I just want to give up on everything, but as soon as I think of my parents, it always motivate me to keep going. pretty much I am always the target/victim, but you know what, I just keep reminding myself that life will never be easy, we will all face obstacles in our everyday life, our future depends on our own hands, by the decisions that we make everyday. Constantly reminding myself everyday to always be grateful for what you have and just hold on tight, because at the end of a storm, there was always be the rainbow and the beautiful sun shining above us. Life is just too valuable to waste. I’m not the cleverest person in the world, I never make the wisest decisions in life, but loving,caring, and helping is what I know best. I always give and do good, and I never expect anything back in return, just to see their smile is already the best gift in the world. I don’t know I’m having such bad karma when I’ve never done anything so wrong. But that’s life, you just have to suck it all up and keep going. Well it would be a blessing to have a MIRACLE like this, to receive that much amount of money. All I can think about is paying off my parents mortgage and all their bills, just to see their face would be priceless. Then the rest I’m going to pay for my school intuition and my school loans, and catch up on all my bills. I don’t need all that amount, it would be good enough for me to just cover all my debt and expenses, and also the house mortgage cus that’s the only bill that stresses my parents out, and I just hate myself cus I failed them, I can’t help them like how I used to before. Everyday I wake up first thing I do is check my email and phone if I have any mails for a position, but nothing. Now I really have nothing, no sort of contact availability because I haven’t been able to pay for my phone bill, so my older brother took it away from me, even though I’ve been the one making all the payments for the phone itself, its just sad when you have a family that doesn’t know how to support each other. When my family struggles I always do my best to work everything out, even though all they do is doubt me, I just ignore it and hold it in. But as I was saying it would be a blessing to have a chance to receive that much amount. I wouldn’t know what to do with all of that besides paying for all my parents,siblings, and my bills. Whatever that is left over, I’ll just give it to my mother as a gift. She’s the world to me. She’ll deserve this more than me. She’s the best and loving mother ever and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, never be replaceable. I promised my mother everyday this, “Mother, right now everything is not going so well for me, but I am trying and doing my best to try and get my life back together, it’s going to take time, I promise I’ll make you proud one day. I’ll always be hereband to support you forever. I LOVE YOU MOMMY!” Just seeing her beautiful smile is all the motivation and inspiration to help my succeed. WINNING would be great, it will make a very big difference in my life and would help menstart all over again and get back on my feet faster. It’ll help all my financial problems. Sorry for writing a whole essay, But have a wonderful day, take care, and stay blessed. Thank you for taking the tine to read my silly story. I needed to vent to someone. Sorry and thank you again.

    Youa Moua

  5. Antonia Parham says:

    Ready for the “BIG Moment Life- changing award Millionaire- making Prize , Please secure Prize Patrol

  6. Hello, I ready to win too. I have been try to win since 2008 maybe it is my turn. Good Luck everybody.

  7. Douglas Rogers says:

    Douglas Rogers I would be so happy if the prize Patrol was making preparations to come see me I would be so happy

  8. Lous Levario says:

    I’m here to WIN on August 31st
    This should be my lucky day, it also, happen to be my 59th ANNIVERSARY.
    WISH, ME LUCK…….
    Thank You PCH

  9. I am praying everyday like a pregnant woman will pray to have a peaceful deliver and healthy child . This miracle should come to me this time with forever happiness THANK YOU AND THANK GOD Buerkie Puplampu

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