PCH Prize Patrol Ready To Award Next Big Check!

Publishers Clearing House enjoys awarding millionaire-making prizes! And — RIGHT NOW — the PCH Prize Patrol is getting ready to award a life-changing Million Dollar Big Check  on February 28th.


So Much For The Prize Patrol To Do!

Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam are ready to travel ANYWHERE to make the newest PCH winner’s dreams come true. And they’ll spare no effort to make the winner’s winning moment unforgettable. Here are just some of the jobs they’ll soon be finishing to prepare for the BIG WINNING MOMENT:

  • Get Big Check made with the winner’s name
  • Find the local floral shop and order flowers
  • Contact the local media about the life-changing winning moment
  • Get the winner folder and Prize Patrol supplies (like balloons and champagne)
  • Book necessary plane flights, secure Prize Patrol van and hotel reservations
  • Dry clean Prize Patrol uniforms
  • Pack

So Much For YOU To Do On Prize Day!

The Prize Patrol will be working hard to make February 28th extra special. Now what can you do to stay up to date about the prize delivery?

As We’re Searching For A Winner, What Should YOU Be Searching For?

Should you become the BIG WINNER on February 28th, you’d probably start using PCHSearch&Win to search for different things. Here are just a few topics that might interest our newest winner:

So, what’s the first luxury YOU would SEARCH for if you win the February 28th Big Check? COMMENT BELOW to let us know! And remember to follow the PCH Prize Patrol tomorrow!

Keep Searching For Your Dreams,

Elliott M.

250 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol Ready To Award Next Big Check!”

  1. Roy Appel says:

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  2. Roy Appel says:

    New Instant Prizes are ready to be awarded, Roy. Wondering what you could win? Head to PCHSearch&Win now to find out! And while you’re there, don’t forget to search for your chance to win!

    ALL of today’s prizes MUST BE awarded before 11:59 PM, ET. You’ll only receive Prize Release Alerts if you search, so don’t wait. Go and Search Now — you could become our next Instant Prize Winner!

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