Celebrate A New Week of Instant Win Prizes With PCHSearch&Win!



Hey Searchers,

Did you know, today, March 4th, a massive celebration takes place, jam-packed with musical and visual energy? The March Fourth Marching Band, better known to its loyal fans as “M4”, takes to the streets ever year to deliver a fantastic rhythmic performance to people all over the world.  Come to think of it, Publishers Clearing House also has a massive celebration followed by the best fans in the world, only it happens every-single-week! That’s right! Thanks to PCHSearch&Win, we’re marching away to the beat of a brand-spankin’ new PCHPrizefest!

OH and I almost forgot the best part!  YOU COULD INSTANTLY WIN CASH, TOO!

Don’t you guys just love the sweet sound of winning? Cha-Ching!!! If you want to join in on the fun, all you have to do is head over to PCHSearch&Win and search!  IT’S THAT EASY!

Powered by the best search engines on the web including Google and Yahoo, PCHSearch is sure to fulfill your browsing needs!

So check out the PARADE of cool instant win prizes PCHSearch&Win has lined up for you below!

Performing this week we have:

  • Monday, March 4th: We’ll have a Winner Every Hour and at 7pm we’ll speed things up with a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes.
  • Tuesday, March 5th: Need some extra dough to get stuff done around the house?  Here’s a $500.00 Home Depot Gift Card guaranteed to be awarded!
  • Wednesday, March 6th: Need to go on a vacation? Take advantage of a chance to win a $500.00 Travelocity Gift Card.
  • Thursday, March 7th: Got bills? A Lucky Searcher will win $1,000.00 Fast Cash.
  • Friday, March 8th:  Step right up to The Wheel Of Cash! Over $2,000.00 will be awarded!
    • Ten $25.00 Cash Prizes
    • Ten $50.00 Cash Prizes
    • Six $75.00 Cash Prizes
    • Four $100.00 Cash Prizes
    • One $500.00 Cash Prize
  • Saturday, March 9th: Get your game face on! We’ll be awarding Five $100.00 Sports Authority Gift Cards.
  • Sunday, March 10th: Need Directions? We’re giving away a GPS!

I’m impatiently waiting to see who the lucky winners are! Will you be one of them? Get Searching Now!

Good Luck!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

90 thoughts on “Celebrate A New Week of Instant Win Prizes With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. says:

    win 10,000.00 cash plus 2,600.00

  2. says:

    set of initials RB

  3. earl Stewart says:

    “VIP” $50.00 Cash prize! Guaranteed today!

  4. Roshall Booker says:

    Yes pch I want to win with my set of initials RB And plus 7000 a Week For life from gwy no 6900 😊

  5. hello pch and yes i would like to win 10,000.00 cash plus 2,600.00 a week for life plus 250,000.00 cash

  6. hello pch and yes i would like to win 25,000.00 a week for life plus 2,500.00 sa week for life plus 250,000.00 cash

  7. Kathleen Tindell says:

    PCH win instantly $25.00 cash now

  8. hello pch and yes i would like to win 2,500.00 a week for life plus 750,000.00 cash plus 95,000.00 bonus cash

  9. Pch Win $500.00 In Cash Today To Pay On Bills Win Instantly Activate!

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