Alright Searchers, the time has come. PCH All Day is almost over! Can you believe we’ve nearly gone through 24 hours of PCH fun? We can! After all, like we said, there’s just so much to do at PCH that the winning opportunities never stop. And here come the last 5…ready?


WHAT? An entry to win $100,000.00 CASH? Yep! Enter NOW! 


Fans of the PCH fanpage do NOT want to miss this one! You’ll get an extra spin on the Lucky Loot Wheel between the hours of 7:00PM ET & 8:00PM ET!


PRIZE RELEASE ALERT: At 8:00PM, we’re releasing 5 $100.00 Sears Gift Cards that are available to be won at PCHSearch&Win!


Your LAST 1,000 bonus tokens of the day at PCHgames! Go claim them now!


PCHSearch&Win fans, this one is for YOU! Head to Edwin’s Hatch&Win now on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page, and you will receive an extra play between the hours of 10:00PM ET & 11:00PM ET!


One last thing before you head to bed…enter to win $75,000.

Well, there you have it PCHSearch&Win fans! 24 awesome opportunities to win from PCH! See, you really can Win Around the Clock!

So tell us, which one was your favorite?

Sarah S.
PCH Social Media

55 thoughts on “PCH All Day…FINAL UPDATE TODAY!”

  1. Ruby Hudson says:

    crazy and emotion

  2. I’m trying to do my final step can u help me with it I’ve been working on it all day with I thankyou for any help u can give me I’m on last part of getting thru and can’t find out how to get the the last

  3. I am claiming & Activating my Final Step for Giveaway No. 4900 on April 30th 2015 for $7000,000.00 A – For – Life Super Prize and be eligible to Win Giveaway No. 4902 a guaranteed 1 Million A Year “FOREVER” Prize and “Full Compliance” with the chance to choose someone to receive that $ 1000,000.00 A Year for life legacy.

    I am claiming & Activating my Accelerated Lump Sum Cash Payout of $ 546,000.00 The entire First Year and a Half all at once! The Winner will go on to receive weekly Payments of $ 7,000.00 for life. MOHOLLAND Prize Number to be included for winner selection and I am responding before 3 / 19 / 15, ( 11 : 59P.M., ET ) entry deadline.

    Last but not least I Andrea Moholland am Entering, Claiming, & Activating the following Giveaway Numbers. Giveaway No. 5164, Giveaway No. 3080, Giveaway No. 3527, Giveaway No. 3577, Giveaway No. 3726, Giveaway No. 5139, Giveaway No. 3046, Giveaway No. 3148, Giveaway No. 3600, Giveaway No. 4650, Giveaway No. 4900, and Giveaway No. 4902.

  4. carolinejinks says:

    I am searching to win 5,000.00 aweek for life gwy no 4900 plus 5,000.00 shopping spree gwy no 5154 from PCH save and win and yes I want the opportunity to win both

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