Alright Searchers, the time has come. PCH All Day is almost over! Can you believe we’ve nearly gone through 24 hours of PCH fun? We can! After all, like we said, there’s just so much to do at PCH that the winning opportunities never stop. And here come the last 5…ready?


WHAT? An entry to win $100,000.00 CASH? Yep! Enter NOW! 


Fans of the PCH fanpage do NOT want to miss this one! You’ll get an extra spin on the Lucky Loot Wheel between the hours of 7:00PM ET & 8:00PM ET!


PRIZE RELEASE ALERT: At 8:00PM, we’re releasing 5 $100.00 Sears Gift Cards that are available to be won at PCHSearch&Win!


Your LAST 1,000 bonus tokens of the day at PCHgames! Go claim them now!


PCHSearch&Win fans, this one is for YOU! Head to Edwin’s Hatch&Win now on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page, and you will receive an extra play between the hours of 10:00PM ET & 11:00PM ET!


One last thing before you head to bed…enter to win $75,000.

Well, there you have it PCHSearch&Win fans! 24 awesome opportunities to win from PCH! See, you really can Win Around the Clock!

So tell us, which one was your favorite?

Sarah S.
PCH Social Media

92 thoughts on “PCH All Day…FINAL UPDATE TODAY!”

  1. Yusuf Nasir says:

    Dear PCH
    I Am Here to Claim My Entry to Win $1,000,000.00 Super Prize from PCH GWY NO.4950 for Final Step
    Please Kindly Activate and Confirm this Amazing Prize
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

  2. Well PCH,I dont fully understand? I mean I do everything
    you guys tell me to do yet, now im missing a step? Well
    here goes. I want to make sure that my prize number is
    in position. So I want to secure my entry now,and I confirm that I will accept my forthcoming $10,000.00 a
    week for a life. Prize number deposited into the winners
    selection list. PCH.Gwy.No.4900. Thank You.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA! Jerald Johnson

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