PCH All Day…NEW Prize Update!

Well, it’s 12PM ET here in NY and you know what that means…LUNCH! We’re just kidding! We’re not stopping this PCH All Day event just to grab a bite to eat! No way searchers! Instead we’re serving up 6 more awesome opportunities from PCH! Take a look at what we’ve got on the menu for you today!



Would $50,000.00 take care of that debt? We think so! Enter now for a chance at a debt-free you!



CASH PRIZE OPPORTUNITY: Today is the Find-O-Vision tournament! You can win cash just for playing! Plus, click the link above and get 1,000 bonus tokens!


PRIZE RELEASE ALERT: Starting at 2:00PM ET, we’ve got 5 $100.00 HSN gift cards to award on PCHSearch&Win!



Head to PCHbingo and play for YOUR chance to win the Progressive jackpot, just like Vicla J. of Minden, LA.



Token BONUS time! Claim your 1,000 bonus tokens at PCHgames!


PRIZE RELEASE ALERT: Starting at 5:00PM ET, we’re giving out CASH at PCHSearch&Win! Make sure you search!

WOW! Let’s recap shall we? So far we’ve had token bonuses on PCHgames, Prize Releases at PCHSearch&Win, sweepstakes entry opportunities and MORE.

Want MORE? Of course you do! Check back to the blog at 6PM ET for the final round of PCH All Day. And just to make it more exciting….we’ve got some EXCLUSIVE opportunities coming up!

Sarah S.
PCH Social Media

1,124 thoughts on “PCH All Day…NEW Prize Update!”

  1. Ruby Manning says:

    Enter PCH for #5 chance to win cash prizes totaling 3,750.00

  2. Pch Claiming New Prize Release By 11:59 PM,ET Activate !

  3. Pch Claiming Prizes Being Released Instantly By 11:59 PM,ET Activate !

  4. Bob Eldridge says:

    I am looking forward to my prize,

  5. Kenneth Heath says:

    entry for Prize Release #2



  6. Ruby Manning says:

    Enter PCH for #2 prize release giveaways today all day long today..

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