Spring Is Here! And So Is PCHSearch&Win!


Dear Spring…

Hey…hey there lil guy. It’s okay, there’s nothing to be scared of…you can come out now. After all, this is YOUR day. Today is the first day of you, and trust me, NO ONE is happier about that than I am. I know you were supposed to be here a little earlier, according to that rodent with the meteorology degree that’s afraid of his own shadow, but it’s okay. That mean, old winter  was such a bully to you, with his horrible snowstorms and freezing cold temperatures. Let’s make him go away, shall we? You and me! We can do this together. Need an ego boost Spring? I got your back!

You see, I headed over to PCHSearch&Win  and looked up all the things that people love about you! People are SO excited for the warm weather that you’re going to bring, and the flowers that you are going to cause to bloom! I myself am looking forward to trading my horribly unattractive rain boots for some awesome open toed heels. And wouldn’t you know, I found some great spring fashion deals on PCHSearch, too!

But there’s more than just the warm weather that people are excited about! Awesome spring events like Easter egg hunts  and picnics are ready to be had, but they need you first, Spring. People are heading to PCHfrontpage right now to look up local events and they’re counting on your beautiful season to make sure they have a wonderful time!

And you know the saying about April showers…well, here at PCH that means something different to us! You see, on April 30th, we’re planning to shower someone with CASH! And wouldn’t it be lovely if the Prize Patrol could do that with some warm weather? I personally think that would be amazing.

Spring, don’t think that this love letter is being brought to you by the fact that yesterday I woke up and ONCE AGAIN had to dig out my car. That’s not it. Well, that’s part of it, but that’s not the only reason! I love you Spring…I do…and I’m SO ready for you.

So bring it on already, OK? I got your back!


Sarah S.
Social Media

P.S. Who else is as excited as I am that SPRING IS HERE! Comment below and tell me what YOUR favorite part of spring is!

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teresa smith said...

All I can do is dream about the knock at my door.

M Durand said...

First day of spring. Common flowers thru the foot of snow common cash at my door. I am wishing n hoping to win something today!!!

WOODS DINA said...

I’m excited about spring…the picture in your blog expresses my thoughts beautifully!Green grass,flowers and more flowers,trees in bloom!Ahh,spring I feel,I see,I smell……spring is a breath of fresh air!

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi! Sarah S. I love your writing! Yes I too, love spring. I stop shivering (most of the time) and actually come out of my house even though it’s not “necessary”. I wish spring would last longer…when it warms up around here..it REALLY warms up. So the little that we get to see of Spring most of us really enjoy it.. you see everyone out in their yards, cleaning and gardening..not like the winter where you may see someones light on inside..the only way you know people live around you! So Happy Spring all!:)

Sonia Carles said...

sonia carles said go to win for paid my bill, new car etc I need to win necessary please.

Brandy said...

I love spring because its time for everything to wake-up. After a long winters nap,the animals are stirring about, the flowers are startling to poke up their heads like children sneeking a peek from under the covers pretending to be asleep. The grass is turning that bright beautiful green, The birds in the sky are starting to sing. Me &my hunny till the garden and get it ready to seed ,then we start on the flower beds and rid them of weeds.

Diana Hanlon said...

I love spring and can’t wait to do the yard work it keep me busy and love the warm weather. So hope all my yard work would be done before PCH come knocking on my door.

Shirley Conley said...

Hi Sarah Yes I love the spring best of all seasons I believe. I love the smells and colors of the world around me waking from winter’s sleep. What else could paint a forest or a mountain with what seems like 40 shades of green. It is a renewal time for me and a blessing to behold

Charlene Wilcox said...

I love spring because it’s an awakening of New life.The fresh scents of flowers and the butterflies start appearing.Spring is the world being painted with a refreshing array of colors.I love seeing all the wild-life returning.Spring is My favorite time for walking to loose All the weight I gained during the winter,lol!Spring is One of My favorite seasons.I love All four seasons.

Jorge Ramirez said...

i love the spring i feel more alive then i do with winter but dont get me wrong i love winter as well..some of the things i like about spring would honestly have to be able to see pretty girls like your self in open toe heels , running at the park , flowers, tress, all the summer fashion has to offer :}

Kanika Loeung said...

I wish my life would be blooms on April 30th! :)

tammy strong said...

nice weather flowers and able to sit out side and enjoy ur self

Valerie Hunt said...

Sara, you have to come to sunny Fla and lets go shoe shopping!!! I wll have to say that the best part of Spring is all the newness, the new beginnings. Fun in the Sun. It goes like this on the second day of Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the spirit of Pch everywhere, And e”ach flower on Earth’s dark breast we arose from our dreams yelling” Come to MY House PCH , I you the best!!!

Joye Hamilton said...

Hello Sarah,

Your Love Letter 2 Spring Is Fun & Sooo Sweet…Especially Since You’re Still Dealing With Old Man Winter!!!

Sarah, A Quick Rhyme Just 4 U :D

You Say You’re Tired Of Old Man Winter & Want Spring Weather Soon…Don’t Give Up On Things
Just Yet ‘Cause The Flowers Soon Will Bloom!

So When The Weather Gets Real Nice & You Start Heading Out…You’ll Enjoy All There Is To Do Of That There Is No Doubt!

Warm Regards, Joye H.:D

Donald Bradley said...

I love the smell of the air in spring. The smell of rain and flowers combined is awesome!! I also enjoy having more daylight time with my family outside. Getting ready for camping is another favorite…

delores foster said...

Put some spring in my step with some cash

Kanika Loeung said...

I love the flowers above. :)

Delores Smoke said...

Hello al: for me the spring brings the Golden days.
The sun is like a sunrise most of the spring time.
The flowers are mating with the wind and the night cool breeze pulls that someone special close to you.

Shawna Cheri Reese said...

I am so happy that spring is here, it makes me feel happy to see the flowers poping up and new life is all around us growing and the feel of fresh air. Bring some fresh smile to my house and flowers to light your way. I Love PCH come on down to my house.

Gary Allen said...

I would definitely appreciate anything I could win it all I would definitely help over that one to cancer my family cost a lot of money will definitely any kind of help.

Kimberly Taylor said...

It will be my biggest birthday wish I get knock at my door said I the winner I hope it will happen