PCHSearch&Win’s Edwin The Owl Celebrates April Fool’s!

Hey Searchers!

It’s me, Edwin, everyone’s favorite mascot from PCHSearch&Win! Being a mascot, I have tons of things to do. I’m consistently dressing up for photo shoots and making sure that I represent PCHSearch&Win in the best way that I can! After all searchers, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. But, can I be honest? I’m getting a little tired of being “just a mascot.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing my job, but I look around at everyone else and it just seems like their jobs are more exciting. I mean, I just have to show up and look cute. I want…MORE.

So I’ve been in talks with my agent about getting out of the whole mascot business. I’m through with people loving me just because I’m cute, and I want a real job. I want to go home to my tree at night and be proud of what I’ve done.

I can now announce from here on out, I’m running promotions here at PCHSearch&Win! I’m so excited because this means that *I* will be the one choosing the awesome prizes you can expect to win. So without further adieu, here’s my VERY FIRST proposed prize fest line up!

Monday 4/1: We’ve got a laundry basket of dirty socks for one lucky winner!

Tuesday 4/2: We scoured the clearance aisles of local retail giants, and we’ve got 10 marginally decent picks for you to win!

Wednesday 4/3: Who doesn’t love liverwurst? We certainly do! That’s why one lucky searcher will walk away with 5lbs of fresh liverwurst!

Thursday 4/4: 10 searchers will win 10 vintage lampshades!

Friday 4/5: You know those plastic couch covers? We do and we’ve got 25 of them to give away. They give a whole new meaning to “squeaky clean!”

Saturday 4/6: It’s the weekend, so what better way to spend it than with a selection of awesome VHS tapes!

Sunday 4/7: Who wants a ladle full of gravy? Because someone is getting A LADLE FULL OF GRAVY!

So enjoy your winnings this week! Oh yeah…one more thing….


APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!! I’m not going anywhere, I LOVE my job as PCHSearch&Win mascot! Below is the REAL list of awesome prizes that can be won this week!

Monday 4/1: We’ll have a winner every HOUR today & starting at 7PM, we’ll have a CASH winner every 15 minutes!

Tuesday 4/2: We’re giving away 15 $10 CVS Gift Cards!

Wednesday 4/3: Got bills? We’ve got $500.00 CASH to give away to one lucky searcher!

Thursday 4/4: Home improvement time…we’re giving away a $500.00 Home Depot gift card!

Friday 4/5: HUGE NEWS! For the first time ever, we’ll be giving away 5 Apple® iPad® 2s!

Saturday 4/6: Get ready, get set and head over to PCHSearch&Win for YOUR chance at a $500.00 Travelocity gift card!

Sunday 4/7: Start your week right by searching to win $1,000.00!

So, those are the REAL prizes and I have to admit, I think the PCHSearch&Win team did a bit of a better job than I did on promotions, but I have a question!

Do I have a future in promotions or should I just stick with being a cute adorable mascot? Comment below and let me know!


41 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win’s Edwin The Owl Celebrates April Fool’s!”

  1. carla m Antee says:

    Today 500 cash

  2. Jesus Macias says:

    Beautiful mascot is better but I want to win instantly EDWIN THE OWL PCH

  3. Joseph Bronson says:

    your very important to every one. keep up the good work. thank you EDWIN.

  4. tonya l duncan says:

    thank you to my pch family n to edwin the mascot we love you guys n gal n owl sincerely t

  5. Angel Reinhold says:

    I am sure you would love a promotion. I mean who wouldn’t , but I’m going to be honest just because I enjoy you as the ” cute adorable mascot. ” I hope you stay just that but that is selfish on my part. Just being honest.
    Sincerely ,
    Angel R

  6. Mari Wyatt says:

    I go into PCHand Search.com — I didn’t get to play a game — what is this about…..

    Where is the game that we are playing

  7. Hi, my name is Nancy Henderson.When I win that would be a life changing point .I want the best for my children.I wont to buy a house for them,and some money to .I wont to DONATE money to SAINT JUDE CHILDREN HOSPITAL. I have a lot of Love in my heart for cancer children because I have cancer.

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