12 Days Left Until April 30th SuperPrize Event…Get In It To Win It!


Hey searchers, I was just sitting here looking at my calendar and I had a realization….did you know that as of TODAY, there are ONLY 12 days left to enter the big April 30th SuperPrize Event?

12 Days. That’s less than 2 weeks. That’s only 288 hours. That’s only 17,280 minutes. That’s merely 1,036,800 seconds! (Okay well granted that seems like a lot, but given the fact that I’m talking seconds here, it’s really not at all!)

Have I created a sense of urgency yet? Hmmm…not really? Okay let’s go a different route.

You’ve only got 12 days left to enter for the chance to change your life FOREVER!  After all who wouldn’t want to win $1 Million a Year for Life? Think about all the ways you could spend $1 Million every single year. The things that you could do with $1 Million a Year for Life are really innumerable…but just for fun I thought of a few suggestions!

With $1 Million a Year For Life You Could…

Buy a new house…or maybe houses?

Go on a tropical vacation

Go back to school or send a loved one to college

Buy a new car…

Purchase a whole new wardrobe…

Get out of debt…

Give back to the charity of your choice…

The best thing about a sweepstakes like $1 Million a Year for Life is that as the checks keep rolling in, you’ll have to keep coming with new and unique ways to spend the cash. So now that you’re daydreaming about how you would spend that, get on it and enter! As you know, login to PCHSearch&Win and with your first search of the day, you’ll be automatically entered to win! But there’s also lots more ways to enter, too!

Only 12 days are left…what are you waiting for? Get in it to win it NOW!

Sarah S.

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    I’m in to win,too

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    want to be a winner a ,oh yeah

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