20 thoughts on “12DaysLeftImage”

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    I really hope that I will win this life changing dream come true cash prize from pch.

  2. Cathy Roach says:

    I am still confused what this is all about because I work like a dog to keep running and do not remember what I entered the prizes. I hope to win that prizes. Smile. I want to thank Debbie, Todd and who else I can’t remember but I want you all know I appreciate that. Thank you. I love you all. Smile.

  3. Kathy smith says:

    I decided to sign in to see all the updates ….. I can’t resist it lol, ….How can anybody not check it out after all those entries and miss the PCH big prize giveaway?

  4. franklin bock says:

    i hope to win to help all veterans of vfw with gods enduring help

  5. marjorie nettles says:

    pch my god bless eachand every one who enter, and thank you pch for enter me I, pray each and every night that I, get to win, but am kiddin my self my luckis bad.

  6. Linda Marley says:

    Iv been entering pch sweepstakes ever since I got my cell phone with the Internet. Iv never owned a computer so iv been doing threw my phone & mail this whole time. Iv become a gold level member (I love their products & magazines) I just can’t afford anything,not bc of their prices but due to my own circumstances. Financial !!! Iv not been able to work since 2005 due to a work related injury. Iv had to have c5-c6 anterior cervical discectomy & total disc arthroplasty for diagnosis of cervical radiiculopathy and that’s only part of my problems and it causes me extrem pain. So I wish pch would knock on my door so I try to even better help and also to help my husband and family/friends/charities. Thank you god bless


  8. I want to meet the PRIZE PATROL on APRIL 30th. That would make the best be lated Birthday ever.:-) I will be the big 50 years old. Please make this the best ever so I can help others and do what God is wanting me to do. Thank you.:-)

  9. Kathy Frisbie says:

    Winning sure would be a true blessing! Money doesn’t solve everything but it would sure put to rest allot of worries!

  10. Kimberly Dragonseeker says:

    so many people have their hopes up that they could possibly be the 1830 prize winner…But you have 1 in over a billion chance to win and you think: what kind of chance do I have of actually winning? All I know is that I want to win so badly! It would be so nice to wake up every morning and the only stress you have is… what the heck should I wear today? Ah well, I will just go shopping! No worries of car, house or any other kind of bills to pay again! All your debts will be wiped out and finally you can LIVE!

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