69 thoughts on “Todd_Search&Win_2”

  1. Well if anyone ever needed to win .it surely woild be me..also it would be a modern day Miracle

  2. connie Lyman says:

    I have been waiting since 1979 and I am getting old. My other said on her death bed, “Don’t forget to send in that Publisher’s clearing House entry.” I would like a few years to enjoy my winnings and not go to my grave waiting!

  3. If I won something I truly don’t know what I would say I would help so many ppl in need but me and my 4 lil one s have been through so much i a signal mom trying to hold on lost lots of family barely have anyone and now I found out at docters I have a terrible joint and bone disease that’s crippling me fast if won I would try to make the best for my kids and help ppl all around me that I know truly need it thank s so much pch for all the chances you provide me with for so kinda hope

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