The Thrill Of PCH Merchandise During Freebie Friday!

As you can see in the video above, PCH employees recently got the chance to experience the fun and excitement that PCH merchandise fans get to enjoy all year round.

A big selection of fantastic merchandise, plus the opportunity to get something FREE!

What’s Freebie Friday?

That’s the day Publishers Clearing House thanks employees for all their hard work by giving away samples of the FABULOUS MERCHANDISE we sell!

Here’s how it works: Hundreds of merchandise items are displayed in the PCH Cafeteria. Then PCH employees get to go from table to table and grab what they want! This fun Freebie Friday ritual happens a few times every year at Publishers Clearing House. Only when I was assigned to write this blog did I fully understand why Freebie Friday is so popular with PCH employees. IT COMES VERY CLOSE TO …


While talking to my fellow PCH employees I started to realize why Freebie Friday is so popular. It has a lot in common with the exciting bulletins that PCH fans receive. Maybe PCH employee Chris Li said it best, “The merchandise is nothing that I’m looking for, but exactly what I want.”

Chris L. added that the gadgets always surprise and delight him. Chris walked away with a handheld computer Solitaire game, computer Sudoku, a travel mug, and an electronic coin counter.

Matt K., a PCH writer, said, “I have tasted the incomparable sweetness of taking As Seen On TV items home to my parents thanks to Freebie Friday.” Matt left Freebie Friday with an armload of DVDs featuring classic family movies.

Jan S. has been a PCH employee for 39 years and admits that Freebie Friday is a fun day at PCH. “I found a beautiful plant stand, adorable holiday decorations and even a back washer.” Jan even found time to get some lovely jewelry items for a coworker who was out on vacation.

Joanna R. enjoyed her second Freebie Friday. “I love FREE stuff,” Joanna said smiling. She walked away with gardening tools, Elvis Candles and a Good Housekeeping Cookbook.

What Freebie Friday Doesn’t Have That Bulletins Do!

Just like bulletins from, Freebie Friday has a huge selection of amazing PCH merchandise and the thrill of getting just what you want. But what Freebie Friday doesn’t have are the exciting opportunities to win life-changing prizes! Only PCH fans get to enjoy the thrill of winning millionaire-making prizes!

So, What Would Be Your Favorite Freebie Friday Item?

Freebie Friday and bulletins BOTH have a fantastic variety of merchandise items like:

COMMENT BELOW now and tell us what merchandise items are YOUR favorites. Also, check out PCHSearch&Win when shopping online  for items you and your family need!

Elliot M.
PCH Online Creative

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