Prize Patrol Delivers $1 Million SuperPrize In Statesville, NC!

Glenda Dancy $1 Million Winner

“I’m gonna pass out!” That’s what PCH’s newest millionaire Glenda Dancy from Statesville, North Carolina  shouted when the Prize Patrol suddenly appeared on her front steps! The shocking surprise of becoming the newest $1 Million SuperPrize winner didn’t just stun Glenda, but her adult son Jason and husband Archie as well!

The PCH Prize Patrol showed up to Dancy’s doorstep on the morning of April 30th with the Big Check, champagne and roses in hand to award the newest millionaire with a life-changing prize! What a way to wake up!

As Prize Patrol member Dave Sayer rang the doorbell of Glenda’s home, no one answered. Knocking again, Glenda answered quietly and stepped out from her house, not expecting to see the famous PCH Prize Patrol OR the even more famous big check!

Glenda Dancy and Her Son

Glenda excitedly woke up her son Jason, who was as shocked as his mother! He couldn’t believe that this was really happening, until of course, he saw his mother’s name proudly displayed on the front of the big check!  Groggy from sleep, Jason gasped “OMG” and was immediately awake and giving his mother a celebratory hug!

Glenda, also now joined by husband Archie, was still in complete shock that she was the actual $1 Million SuperPrize winner. Turning to the Prize Patrol, she asked, “why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” as she was surrounded by the Prize Patrol cameraman, and local news stations WBTV News and WXII12!

Check out the local news coverage of the winning moment here:

WBTV News Coverage

WXII12 News Coverage

As PCH fans know, the surprise factor our winners get when they are unexpectedly awarded with life-changing prizes is almost as exciting as the prize itself!

So PCH fans, how would YOU feel if you were unexpectedly surprised by the Prize Patrol and Big Check? Wouldn’t that be better than let’s say waking up to the sound of your daily alarm clock?

If you answered yes, then be sure to keep searching, keep playing and keep entering the sweepstakes every chance you get! You never know…the Prize Patrol could be knocking on YOUR door next!

Congratulations Glenda, and happy searching PCH fans!


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