One Million Plus $5,000 a Week for Life

One Million Plus $5,000 a Week for Life

129 thoughts on “One Million Plus $5,000 a Week for Life”

  1. Dante Wright says:


  2. Cindy Mahr says:

    I would like very much to win the $5,000 A week for life. The forever dream. I want to be a winner. T hank – you for giving me the chance. PCH is great.

  3. Cindy Mahr says:

    IF I win a big prize, I would pay off all the medical bills. I will give a lot of it to charity. My church, food pantry, community help, & helping those who are in need. Also my family. .Mike & I Would also seek a financial adviser to help us use the money wisely. I would love to have a house, but we would take the time to evaluate all our options. Thank – YOU for the chance of winning. Prize # 3080 .

  4. laurentia beaver says:

    I really want 2 win the pch $5,000.00 a week 4 life and any other prizes they giving away . It would help me financially and I could pay my bills and never have 2 worry about being broke all the time.

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