One Million Plus $5,000 a Week for Life

One Million Plus $5,000 a Week for Life

148 thoughts on “One Million Plus $5,000 a Week for Life”

  1. Joyce Gibson says:

    Joyce Gibson ,, Oct 5th.2014

    I would really like to win the forever prize to help out seriously.. jG Oh.

  2. william mcneil says:

    I need to win so I can pay all my bills get caught up in life + I need the money plus some of the proceeds to go to the Shriners Hospitals my dad was a Shriner he passed last year I’ve been a stranger since 2012 I need to keep it goingso please let me when that would be awesome

    1. william mcneil says:

      let me when the five grand a week for life I could use it to pay off bills pay my car off My wife’s car get us a home of are owne.I have sperms on the bottom of my heels it’s really hard to work I have 5 hearing in my left 95 hearing in my right thank God I have 20 20 vision but the best thing would be has to win the 5k a week it would be nice to have the million dollars to

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