PCHFront Page SuperPrize at Stake!

PCHFront Page SuperPrize at Stake!

358 thoughts on “PCHFront Page SuperPrize at Stake!”

  1. Gwen Moncada says:

    10,000,000.00 Wow 10 million is at Stake OMG it takes time to enter all these ZEROS but it is a great thrill to enter them. That DREAM I have to pray hard to dream and wish that dreams to come true.

  2. Kathy S Edmonds says:

    Danielle and Todd and Dave I really need to win this iv been waiting for you so long and i really need a house and pay my bills off so bad. Im still hanging in they waiting. my grandkids are getting big and i really could use a house for. Rasing 6 kids is not easy. But we will keep on trying, When school gets out i will have to move and try to fine a bigger place. Iv been sick with light strokes so im take it easy ans slow. so plzz come to worcester so i can win 5,000.00 week for life. thank you kathy E

  3. lisa says:

    110% I will likely to become the new winner of 2 27 2015 please enter this and any other entries for me too I am so proud to be a pch fan and I’ll be able to get a foundation and be sure that almost every year since I won at least been doing the best way to figure out how to create a unique opportunity to celebrate with us at the door thank you pch*_*

  4. yes that sounds like a winner to me.1,000,000.00super prize pch gwy#4950 oh! don’t forget to add thie friend’s by name,like gyw#3080,gwy#4650,#GWY4651,GWY4355, GWY# 3814 THEY ALL WANT TO PART OF PCH PARTY TO SMILE. THANK YOU PCH.

  5. Margie Bardsley says:

    To Win pch prizes, would be a wonderful turn of events!

  6. Truly, truly, I would enjoy being a pch winner!

  7. I would love to win $1,000,000.00
    Superprize from pch gwy no.4950
    And also $5,000.00 a week “Forever”
    On February 27th from pch gwy
    No.3080 thank you

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