PCHFront Page SuperPrize at Stake!

PCHFront Page SuperPrize at Stake!

120 thoughts on “PCHFront Page SuperPrize at Stake!”

  1. so hard for inexperienced on web to get info. but I”ll keep trying

  2. OLLIE MCNEIL says:

    SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 AT8:51 AM


  3. HI PCH Good Morning i would like to win PCH GWY # 3577 Superprize at stake and i hope to win and received a big check from PCH Thank you forgive me this opportunity to become A Winner and waiting the prize patrol to knock my door at Fairfax Virginia

  4. berylbeach@me.com says:

    Do we have a certain entry number that’s been assigned to last personally if so I really don’t know mine is there anyway I can get it ?

  5. Denise Pinedo says:

    HiHi! It’s Denise fergot my number when writing I know I’m pathetic well that’s how I feel my number is 3080 bless all Wow just think how thing could change for the better blessing to all Denise……

  6. Denise Pinedo says:

    Hi I’m Denise,If we were chosen for a 3 million dollar home we would be in heave we’ve never owned a home of our own place keep use in mind tomorrow I’m going to hospital again this time there putting me to sleep then there going to pop my knee and bend it total back I’m scared I’m in daily pain I have to take sleeping pills to rest docter said 2 hours was not enough I had total knee knee replacement therapy injured me twice docter stoped me from going do to spine now have bulging disks I’ve had 4 epidural shot still not feeling any better better They’ve said next is having totall knee replacement overe again 60 staples all I wanted was to get better having a Big chance on owning our own home for the first time Wow would be everything we wanted a 5 bedroom with pool for aquatic for body fruit tree’s vegetable garden grass for husband for mowing kids bring home friends also family we have so many bills my hair is falling out our children our wonderful they never ask for anything were blessed yet still we also need to pay bills stacking over our heads we couldn’t afford insurance this is our life dream prize I want to be able to leave something for our children docter give more and more orders I’m draining all of what we have we live by check to check can we win 2 million plus also this for our children I dont want use to be a broken family please consider our family in your choice well blessing to all. Please I beg of you !!!!

  7. Hello I am trying to win giveaway 3080 super prize. WOW !!! I would fell truly blessed if I could win this. I can put it all to good work in a “Pay It Forward” program. Just think how many other people this could help also. I thank you for your time,
    Joann Parrott

  8. JOY says:


  9. Am still in the running I hope so

  10. I LOVE IT!!! I hope to see it in my drive June 30th. I would also like to win $1,000.00 from Gwy 4143!!

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