PCHFrontPage Breaking News

PCHFrontPage Breaking News

18 thoughts on “PCHFrontPage Breaking News”

  1. Francisca Calderon says:

    I sure will make it my homepage pch

  2. Marie S says:

    PCH Team,
    Remember all things are possible through him. Thanks for all the lives you have changed through out the years.

  3. PCH,
    . As a fellow fan, this seems to top off the a.m, p.m., ! thank you again for everything you mad possible for us fans!
    Christine Ann

  4. Halita Lee says:

    I am in it to win it, you can not win if you do not enter. I know and agree that this is my year to win and my good has stamp his approval sign upon this. What good has given you let no man do undesunder AMEN

  5. well if you dont wont to do you search andwin dont look for the pch or no flowres you dont have to by noute to win just search for everyting

  6. I hope to God and his grace that I can win enough to get completely. Out of debt.Never been this far down in my life.worked all of my life and 25 years in a factory which I had to leave for health.now disabled just can’t seem to get no where on disabilty.If I don’t Win I will know it’s not my lords will to come in to money.I have struggled most of life so guess I will continue.I know the Bible says money is root of all evil But I don’t want to struggle any more..just once in my life could walk up to people who have helped me through these difficult times and give back.Good Luck to all I wish you all the best.Thanks to PCH. for the chance to pay off all debts big and small.this is my hope you wanted to know about me this is me.I have not had a easy life but have done jobs for years to stay off of the system till health gave out in my back and legs.thanks again.May God Bless.

  7. Maria says:


  8. well that is true april shows dose bring may flowres so where is my flowres at and the big check

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