Win BIG With PCH’s Anniversary Celebration Prize – Search Now!

Attention Searchers!

Do YOU want the Prize Patrol Elite at YOUR door? If you said YES, listen up! All of us at Publishers Clearing House LOVE keeping our searchers happy. With that being said, we are offering YOU a chance to WIN BIG VERY SOON! Did you know that in just a few days on May 30th, the PCH Prize Patrol Elite will be giving away our Anniversary Celebration Prize of $10,000 to ONE lucky winner?! How exciting is that?

Prize Patrol Anniversary Celebration Prizes

All YOU need to do to enter to win this AMAZING celebration prize is simply search with PCHSearch&Win! Did I mention it’s FREE? As many of you might already know, you can search for anything and everything under the sun with PCHSearch&Win. Maybe you could even start brainstorming on how to spend $10,000 dollars of COLD-HARD-CASH! PLEASE keep in mind that you need to act FAST on this opportunity! There are only THREE MORE DAYS left to enter to win the anniversary celebration prize of $10,000 dollars! The LUCKY winner will have their prize delivered to them by the ONE & ONLY Prize Patrol Elite on May 30th!

$10,000 Anniversary Celebration Prize

How many of you searchers are 60 years young? If you are, then you’re the same age as Publishers Clearing House! The $10,000 anniversary celebration prize is in honor of Publishers Clearing House’s 60th anniversary! We want to thank fans like you for being our friends for so many wonderful years. What better way to say thank you than with $10,000 in CASH?

Just a reminder, you only have THREE MORE DAYS to enter to win this AMAZING Celebration Prize! You can enter TODAY 5/22, TOMORROW 5/23, AND THE NEXT DAY 5/24, but unfortunately the contest ends after that. If YOU would like an extra $10,000 dollars in your pocket, DON’T forget to use PCHSearch&Win in the NEXT THREE DAYS to be entered to win the Celebration Prize!

I wish you all the best of luck with winning the $10,000 dollars!

Happy Searching!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. What would you use the $10,000 cash for? Comment below and let us know! :)

291 thoughts on “Win BIG With PCH’s Anniversary Celebration Prize – Search Now!”

  1. jp says:

    well, I do not know who won the big one today, PCH, was suppose to have that big draw today 25th of Nov. and when we return home, sure hope they left flowers, and balloons and a note that I have won, but if not, congratulations to the one who did. We will return after the Thanksgivings, leave Sat. Wish PCH and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving and to those that enter pch. JP

  2. Jeanene hamilton says:

    Please help me so I can continue medical treatments for someone who needs help.

  3. DAVID GIUSTO says:

    I know its a billion to 1 shot to win..BUT YA NEVER KNOW!!!! God bless PCH and the biggest winner.

  4. Gloria Hilton says:

    I wanted to finish what I wss doing before interrupting.

  5. marielis viamontes says:

    Yes,yes please I need to win on November 25th! come to my door,really my family need this,hope inmy God that I can be blessed.

  6. Iwant to win BIG BIG BIG on November 25,2014

  7. If I win the thing I will do is make arrangements to have my brother move from that nursing home.I would buy me a home then hire me a professional nurse to care for him. After that I would give some to charity, pay off all my bills and then take vacations.

  8. Marielis Viamontes says:

    Good morning PCH hope be blessed this November 25th! Please come to my door GOD KNOW how i need this, now I claim my entry to win I would love to be selected, please, please.

  9. Mike Scott says:

    I would like to win

  10. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch thank you for the golden opportunity to win $10,000 a week for life on Nov 25th because my birthday is coming up on Nov 30th.

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