$10,000 Anniversary Celebration Prize

$10,000 Anniversary Celebration Prize

152 thoughts on “$10,000 Anniversary Celebration Prize”

  1. Gwy 4749 thanks for opportunity and PCH HAPPY ANNIVERSRY FOREVER ANNIVERSRIES!!!!!! HOPE IS ALIVE TO SEE PRIZE PATROL ARRIVE!!!!!!(FLORIDA)🚗🚗🚗✈✈✈🚤🚤🚤😄😄😄

  2. I love PCH and I love your sense of humor. PCH I love Twitter too Tweet tweet . Thak you for allowing me to to talk and be me. Brenda Carlton

  3. HI PCH Twitter has put me and you all over twitter. letting everyone know my email address that stinkers BUT PCH I will win it all. I love PCH

  4. I would take care of my Dad Grandma my 3 kids and wonderful grand baby.

  5. I wish and I pray to Jesus Christ day and night to allow me to win something real big so I give to Jesus Christ and I am a giver. I love to give to the homeless. My car need some work done to it.

  6. Carolyn Toney says:

    Bren doing this for years good luck to everyone and may God Bless

  7. Nancy sewell says:

    I hope I will be entered the PCH prize giveaway# 3043 with celebity at my door #60 in Gastonia, n.c. on May 30th…

  8. viola bost says:

    I will leave my congratulations and enter for the $10,000.00 anniversary celebration prize! May 30th woul be a wonderful time from Giveaway No. 3643 . If that is not the right number I will enter anyway. Consider me for trying to win $10,000.00

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