$10,000 Anniversary Celebration Prize

$10,000 Anniversary Celebration Prize

123 thoughts on “$10,000 Anniversary Celebration Prize”

  1. john says:

    ive been trying for a long time to win and really could use it

  2. I am trying very hard to be a winner.

  3. Diane Trejo says:

    I hope and pray some day I well be able to Win , I have being trying for years. God Bless You

  4. eric says:

    I think it’s a scam!

  5. The Hidden Gem
    Hey PCH How many ways do I count my blessings? One buy One. I count them here at PCH.I Have many blessings and I am thankful to God for everyone of them .And I am thankful for YOU. You have been a blessing to me as well You have been patient with me . Kind. and Very thoughtful. I have no other ways to talking to you but here so I am taking the time to count my blessings in front of you. Kindness is a wonderful thing patience is even better we never know when we might uncover a gem if we are patient. I have seen many people in my life time but the ones you think will never make it is the ones that turn out to be a gems . I have always said don’t be fast to judge others but yet some time I forget and do what I say not to do l and I am a person that never wants to hurt anyone and yet I felt like I hurt someone yesterday and it broke my heart and I still am hurt over it even though I am not sure I really did . I felt like I did and it is hard for me to go back and play the same because I feel like I was so wrong yesterday I know others don’t feel like I do but in my spirit I have a hard time forgiving myself. See I love playing PCH games and got carried away. Taging and yet I was doing it all wrong. Now I don t really know what to tag and what not to tag .I left so confused and so hurt and there was so many Gems of people there that I felt like I had uncovered . yesterday I felt like I had found Hidden gems how how wonderful . I wish I was like them but I am me. and I will go back embarrassed as I am and face them which is a hard thing to do . Maybe I will learn how to play this game better and hopefully win something. But if not I have learned that there are many gems hidden as I feel PCH is a hidden Gem .I just want to thank you for being there and letting me talk on here, Letting me say how much I feel about PCH. I know this is not what this was mad for but I uncovered a real Gem
    Brenda Carlton

  6. Carmen says:

    I search and search and don’t get a confirmation somebody help!!!!

  7. Kim Cooper says:

    I keep searching that I can not get a confirmation and I do not want to lose out it says time is running out how do I keep from losing my position? Talking to the phone I’m doing that thing for from my

  8. Floyd Mack says:

    Win I win, there’s a home building project I want to complete for veterans who are economically disadvantage. Also, there are slum and blight house the I will contribute in remodeling. The next thing I want to do is open up a food pantry for those families who needs food to feed hungry children. And last I have 2 1/2 acres I want to build my next home on.

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