Prize Patrol Anniversary Celebration Prizes

Prize Patrol Anniversary Celebration Prizes

51 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Anniversary Celebration Prizes”

  1. Kathy Jones says:

    I would love to win so I can fix up my House in & Out I in need of a Can so I Can go to the Dr. When I Have to and go Shopping when I need to most of all I would just love To win Thank you!!

  2. Jesus Macias says:

    Yes I want to win forever prize feb. 27 please go PCH prize patrol rocks

  3. C.WOODS says:

    I, C. Woods, enter now to WIN the “Anniversary Celebration” Prize of $10,000 dollars!

    My b-day is 4 days prior to the 30th but I would be more than happy to receive a belated birthday present. ;)

  4. I like to winner because I need this Money help my family’s an my mother and brother’s thank.

  5. Carla M Antee says:

    How Exciting!

  6. caroline himesu says:

    Pch how do we win the 10’000 a week ┬íplease I need it so bad ,please let me know how to get it, so I may buy a home and pay my bills ,caroline himes

  7. I ‘ve been playing with PCH for over thirty years now and praying that I am blessed to become a winner very soon…Amen!

  8. DAVID GIUSTO says:

    8 days and counting.May the good lord bless PCH and the #4900 winner.

  9. Jon Wright says:

    I Would love to win pch super prize # 4900 10,000 a week for life plus the bonus $ 55,000 on November 25 th. I do all the searching and games i can. Is there other way’s that’s not posted that i dont know About to help my chances ?

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