Happy Memorial Day Weekend from PCHSearch&Win!

This Memorial Day weekend, folks across America will honor the brave men and women who fought and died for our country. No doubt your town or a town nearby will be saluting our nation’s troops with a parade or community event. You can always count on PCHSearch&Win to search for Memorial Day events in your community. It’s powered by the best search engines on the Web, with one very important twist … you can win some amazing instant prizes every day!

€PCHSearch&Win Honors Memorial Day

Speaking of twists … it’s time to put a twist of lemon in that refreshing glass of iced tea – because Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of summer! Ladies, we can finally wear white and fearlessly show off our little “piggies” in our open toed shoes. No one will say it’s too soon to wear shorts and tank tops. And … um … does last year’s bathing suit fit? You don’t have to let us know! However, if you do need some new summer clothes, you can always turn to PCHSearch&Win to discover the latest Memorial Day Weekend sales!

Here are some other ways PCHSearch&Win can help you make the most of your Memorial Day holiday weekend:

Happy Memorial Day from PCHSearch&Win

Take a Trip: Whether you head for the beach for the day or visit out-of-town relatives for the entire weekend, use PCHSearch&Win to check on the weather and traffic conditions, make hotel reservations, or find a restaurant the whole family can agree on!

PCHSearch&Win brings you Memorial Day Weekend fun

Relax at Home: Will you be grillin’ and chillin’ outdoors? You’ll want to try out some new recipes… find a few good summer reads … and maybe even locate that perfect picnic spot with no ants (good luck!). Where can you look? You guessed it … PCHSearch&Win. Oh, and by the way, you may want to search how to keep the ants away, too! (Here’s one trick: bright, bold colors tend to attract those creepy crawlers, so use a blanket, plates and cups in muted tones.)

• Prepare for the Summer Ahead!: Those weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day seem to fly by, so plan for summer fun now with PCHSearch&Win. Book a vacation … find out where to view Fourth of July fireworks… learn how to make homemade ice cream … the possibilities are endless!

Memorial Day Weekend Fun with PCHSearch&Win

I know what I’ll be doing on Memorial Day weekend – celebrating my wedding anniversary! However you choose to spend your holiday, remember to head over to PCHSearch&Win.  With your first search of the day, you’ll be automatically entered to win our awesome SuperPrize! Now, wouldn’t that make Memorial Day memorable?

Happy Memorial Day!

Debby K.
PCH Creative

16 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day Weekend from PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Teresa A. says:

    well to one and all whom r playing this chance too win big with the PCH game whom ever win we wish u all the best and may they do what is best for their families and take care and be safe, if we win that is a great ways too start off the rest of our lives and if we don’t then it was not what GOD wanted for us too have a new home here and the money too make it better for us here on earth 5165 is our number

  2. thersia woods says:

    Please let it be me.

  3. Judith P Dorfeuille says:

    I want to win the GPS today for the new
    Brand luxury. Thank you PCH family.
    May God bless you.

  4. dddsmith says:

    Our Memorial Day is because so so many we will never be able to thank, paved the way for us to enjoy this Happy Memorial Day.

    HERE’S TO YOU; To all of our armed forces and to all that have ever lose a loved one, anywhere, ever!

  5. I hope every body have safe day for Holiday’s to Memorial Day, yesterday my B-day and Thank u to every one to wish my Big Day, Thank u again!!!!!!

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I wish a miracle to change my life on June 30th! :)

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