Win A Ford Escape

Win A Ford Escape

4,163 thoughts on “Win A Ford Escape”

  1. PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO. 6950! A Brand New Any Kind Of Dream Car Would Suit Me D.M. Just Fine! D.M.

  2. Elizabeth Benton says:

    I really need this to keep volunteering with the COPC transporting people to doctors, grocery, food pantry, dialysis, dentist, test at hospitals…..

  3. I need more room like the ford escape

  4. I love my Ford I need to win louts of room for my 6 grand kids.

  5. Larry williams says:

    Yes it my time to win the superprize ( 3million Dollar Dream Home,From Gwy No.6085.and that not All. $50.000.00 ON TOP OF THAT,ALSO FROM GWY NO,6085.PCH I Larry Williams want to win.on June 30.2016….

  6. a n oinette solomon please lord please send a bless down to me thank

  7. Larry williams says:

    I pch need to win and need A Luxury vacation ,with the prize of $50.000.00 cash,from Gwy No.6086. I Larry Williams want to win.

  8. Larry williams says:

    Yes pch I want to win the prize of $50.000.00 cash,From Gwy No.6085..I Larry Williams want to win.

  9. PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO. 6085! Yes A Brand New Ford Fusion Worth Over $38,000.00! D.M.

  10. Mary Phillips says:

    what’s down the road for Miss Mary? praying that I can win a new car from Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes a brand new Lincoln MKZ valued over $47,000 Value $47,000.00 It could be mine. YES! I could imagine how great it could be riding around Jacksonville and a brand new Lincoln please can we make this a reality plus I could win $7,000 a week for life! from Gwy No. 6900 . PLEASE SECURE MY ELIGIBILITY TO WIN! On April 29th . # I AM IN IT TO WIN IT# knock knock

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