Win A Ford Escape

Win A Ford Escape

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  1. Joy Edge says:

    Good morning
    Yes yes I would like to win
    PCHFRONTPAGE GWY NO.4900 $5,000.00 2X Entries A week forever August 31, 2015
    PCH GWY NO.4749 $25,000.00 cash prize
    PCH GWY No.4950 $1,000,000.00 dinner at home
    PCHFRONTPAGE GWY NO.5325 $1,000.00 Oncline Exclusive August 31
    PCHFRONTPAGE GWY NO.4950 $1,000,000.00 cash prize 2 X ENTRIES today
    $1,OOO.OO Reno TV Area cash Prize as part of PCH Gwy. No. 5O35
    PCHFRONTPAGE GWY NO.4902 bonus cash prizes
    PCHFRONTPAGE GWY NO.3818 $100.00
    3X ENTRIES PCH GWY NO.4650 Ford NEW Car Ruby red yes I would like to win for I would love to take my family on a girls day out and have fun with him I have a two-year-old and and a nine-year-old just be fun do something good for the summer
    I hope you have a great day
    I love NBC News
    Thank you all
    God bless you all

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