Plan Your Graduation Party With PCHSearch&Win!

Plan your Graduation with PCHSearch&Win

Hey all you searchers!

It’s graduation time again! High school and college students all over the country have been dressing in their caps and gowns preparing to take their next steps into their lives. This is an very exciting time not only for parents to brag about their successful children, but also for students to finally be able to relax and enjoy some time for themselves. Graduation season truly kicks off the start of all things summer and we couldn’t be more excited!

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part about graduation season definitely has to be all the parties ! There is a lot of work that goes into planning the perfect outdoor graduation party and it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, PCHSearch&Win is there to help! By simply going to PCHSearch&Win, you can find everything you need to prepare for your graduation parties, while also entering to win some AMAZING prizes in the process!

Graduation Party Planning with PCHSearch&Win

To prove to you guys how helpful PCHSearch&Win can be in finding out valuable information on all things graduation, check out what I found!

I decided to type “Graduation Party Caterers On Long Island” into my search bar and was immediately flooded with all types of results listing the various companies who offer graduation catering packages. You see, PCHSearch&Win really makes your life easier and more enjoyable!


And remember, with your first daily search on PCHSearch&Win, you’ll be entered to win an awesome PCH Mega Prize: $1,000,000 PLUS $5,000.00 EVERY WEEK FOR LIFE! The June 30th Mega Prize Event is quickly approaching, if you want your shot at winning, I advise you to start searching today! You never know, if YOU win maybe you can give the gift of education to one of your family members so you can attend yet another graduation!


So remember folks, your one-stop-searching website for all things graduation AND everything else under the sun is PCHSearch&Win!


During this very special graduation season, all of us at Publishers Clearing House would like to say Congratulations and Best of Luck to the graduates out there!

Happy Searching

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us if you or someone you know is graduating this year!

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  2. dariush maryamian says:

    I know for fact is end of world for me not having wife or kids or far than thousnd mills from mother or my familly hope all my dream come true Ipray every day  

  3. God Bless everyone. I haven’t won anything in my life & i never had much but i hope i win something on Publishers clearing house. ♥ U all ♥♥♥

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