Win Big ALL Week With PCHSearch&Win’s Instant Prizes!

Happy Monday Everyone!

We’re now well on our way into the month of June and that means it’s summer time and the living’s easy! Getting properly prepared for summer is a big responsibility that should be done right! It’s time to ditch the sweats and break out the shorts. Summertime is DEFINITELY my favorite time of the year. You know what else is another one of my favorite things? PCHSearch&Win Prizefest! I think it’s SO great that PCHSearch&Win gives awesome fans like you the chance to win different SUPER cool instant prizes every single day of the week, all year long!

If you’ve never heard of PCHSearch&Win Prizefest before, it’s time to get out from under your rock and listen up! The ONLY thing you need to do to enter for PCH Prizefest, where you have the chance to win some amazing instant prizes, is simply search using PCHSearch&Win!

With that being said let me make something clear to you guys. On PCHSearch&Win, you can search for ANYTHING that interests you! Whether it be the hottest summer swimsuits, or a great recipe for white wine sangria, just enter it in the search bar on PCHSearch&Win and you’ll be amazed with what you find!

I’m so excited to tell you guys all about what AMAZING instant prizes we have for this week so get ready to get excited too!

Monday 6/10: TEN searchers will win $25.00 CASH

Tuesday 6/11: FIVE searchers will win $100.00 Ikea Gift Cards

Wednesday 6/12: TODAY there will be multiple winners for various CASH PRIZES

Thursday 6/13: FIVE searchers will win $100.00 Macy’s Gift Cards

Friday 6/14: FIVE searchers will win $100.00 Ebay Gift Cards

Saturday 6/15: TEN searchers will win Amazon Kindle Fires

Sunday 6/16: TEN searchers will win $25.00 JCPenney Gift Cards

There you have it searchers! Something very IMPORTANT to keep in mind is that all of these prizes are INSTANT WIN prizes so start searching as soon as possible for your chance to win big! As you can see from above, there is a different prize being offered every day of the week so don’t forget to use PCHSearch&Win Monday through Sunday to have a shot at winning every day!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us what your plans are for summer!


222 thoughts on “Win Big ALL Week With PCHSearch&Win’s Instant Prizes!”

  1. Antonia Parham says:

    A chance to win instant prizes from PCHSearch&Win and also to enter for PCH Prize feast, a chance to win some a:m:a:z:i:n:g 🎁🎁,I would love to Win &100.00 Gift card Thank You 🤑

  2. Antonia Parham says:

    Antonia Parham want to become A Millionaire-making SupetPrize Winner

  3. Antonia Parham says:

    I want to Win from Monday ,Tuesday,Wedsday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday Instant Prizes

  4. Elena Tedtaotao says:

    Claiming my entry for a chance to win cash instantly to be awarded today. And plus $10,000.00 a week for life on December 23rd and my local tv area Springfield MO yes I do want to win. Thanks PCH

  5. randall powell says:

    I want to win

  6. Pch, I’ve been entering over 41 years, still nothing, Thank you, I remember Posting on my Facebook page a many of occasions, I’m going to become a Millionaire making superprize winner, and look how time flies, I’m still a loser, do you know how many times I begged you to please make my dreams come true? & you showed me how much you cared, let me know that yes Mr.William Roberts Jr. you’re 59 years old, but, in 59 more years if you keep the faith, you may just be a winner of a Millionaire making superprize lol , Thank you for nothing Pch. Thanks for making my dreams come true.

  7. PCH please accept and activate my entry for this opportunity/opportunities to win and Win Big! It is my hope to be in your next scheduled commercial.

  8. louann shaw says:

    I ,m trying to see if I won any of 5 chances to win.

  9. says:

    win $1,000,000,00 super

  10. says:

    I win .how about it

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