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  1. I want to win it big on dec 30th 2015..GWY 4900-10k/week for a life time

  2. ryan michaud says:

    Hi my name is ryan Michaud and I’m from Riverside calif. I have been playing pch for quite some time now. I Love The GAMES…. I have yet to win anything. All my friends and family are telling me that it is a houx!! I will never win and that all the winners are all actors… I don’t believe anything that they say..lol So how about making my DREAMS come TRUE this time PCH?GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY…GOD BLESS THIS WORLD

  3. Hi my name is sheryl Turner and I’m from new Orleans Louisiana I have been playing pch for 3 years l started playing in 2013 when my dad went to be with our lord and saviour and I’m still playing hoping I would win so I could help my mom like i promised my dad before he went to be with our lord.

  4. winning PchSuperprize be The Most Wonderful Day To Me *)…All MY STRESS GONE*)>>>

  5. Miguel Shoaf says:

    As I website possessor I believe the gratify background now is rattling outstanding , be pleased about it for your powerfully do. You should keep it cheery forever! Sunny Luck.

  6. patricia wilkson says:

    here is the hand that I have been dealt I don’t mean no limit Texas Holdem I mean in the real worldyou work hard to achieve American dream being a homeowner oh my god blesses you with that dream up come hardship bake to bake hardship then you have all the best program to help you save your home by this time you are over excited to know that they have the program all that does is delay the process of for closing on your property in time you come up with a lump sum of money and who wouldn take advantage of having a loan from being 9.28 to 2.0 interest rate loans right there this plan never happens in most cases so by this time you comes up with another stormat’s call mother nature you’re praying she go on her way so I’m hit with another world obstacle this one came in three number 1 saving my home whit a forbearance plannumber 2up come a a part in life no one wants to deal with is to lose a love one and up comes #3husband get injured on the job mind you that you have insurance to cover all these obstacles and yes my first priority my home cover under a Louisiana homeowners insurance but we’re in one of the great programs which is to help you save your home so when the storm Isaac can we were insured we paid the insurance I’ll sell what the mortgage company help themselves to the insurance Oh My gets even better we’re still in the battle with dealing more insurance whit my husband’s injury on the job working, is a joke short term long term disability is a joke you hard to pay for insurance for mishaps in your life and you don’t get a dime and by the way we are deal with what is just call world the mishap and hardships of life so we are in the middle of this the job says he can’t come bake to work and tell he is 100percent or 80 and totally totally released from the doctore doctor States that he can return to work which medium the heavy weight restrictions but the company said
    they would like for him to be well and to be totally release from the doctor I’ve been totally discharged because he’s just 50 percent from being heal in the meantime the company pays for work may come that’s been cut off we also pays .prudential insurance company for short term long term disability all the insurance that we had in the last 2 years has not bene bene a benefactor to me and my familythis is definitely not a good hand to be dealt to no one .just asking for what you work and paid for this is my message the husbands and wives be sure to check all your insurance before you need to file a claim you may be put into a paper pushing problem that could cost you everything that you work for and in your life waiting on insurance ts that you have paid for and the years thinking you’re going to be sick and or whatever obstacle comes up in your life this is been an ongoing problem for over a year you go for making a living of 60,000 to not having no income


  8. Patricia Franklin says:

    I need to win win win!!! Please please pleaaase!!

  9. Patricia Franklin says:

    I need to win win win!!! Please please please! !!

  10. Barbara Kratochvil says:

    Love Pch. Haven’t won yet, but would give It Up for no

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