Question Answered! What Should I Search For At PCHSearch&Win?

What do I search for at PCHSearch&Win

Are you searching at PCHSearch&Win every day ?  You should be, since it’s the only search engine that could make you a Publishers Clearing House Millionaire. Sometimes our friends ask us the question: what should I search for at PCHSearch&Win? Anything you want!  Use PCHSearch&Win just like any other search engine.

You see, PCHSearch&Win is powered by the top search sites on the web ― Google and Yahoo ― so you’ll get results you can trust. In addition to getting an entry for a Millionaire-making SuperPrize with your first daily search, lots of instant-win opportunities can be found every day.

Here Are Some Great Ideas For Searching At PCHSearch&Win Around The Clock!

Searching At PCHSearch&Win In The Morning

What do I search for at PCHSearch&Win Traffic Updates

Weather: Not sure what to wear or how to dress the kids? Why not search for your local weather report to discover if you’ll need a coat, sunglasses … or maybe even an umbrella.
Traffic:  Improve your commute and search for traffic updates in your city!
News: What made the headlines while you were sleeping? Search for your favorite news sites and discover the latest local, national and international news.

Searching At PCHSearch&Win Mid-Day

What do I Search for at PCHSearch&Win Shopping Ideas

Shopping: Check out what’s on sale at your local retailers! Comparison shop for the lowest prices or skip the store altogether and purchase what you need online. Don’t forget to search for coupon codes to get the best deals!

How-To [YOU fill in the blank]: Working on a do-it-yourself home improvement project ? Trying to make souffle for the first time? Guess what? You can search at PCHSearch&Win and discover “how to” do practically anything !

Job Search/Networking: If you’re looking for employment, PCHSearch&Win can help you locate local job fairs and events. It can even help you find message boards and social networking sites were you can connect with professional contacts and old friends!

Searching At PCHSearch&Win In The Evening

What do I search for at PCHSearch&Win TV Listings!

Recipes: The answer to the question “what’s for dinner” is much easier when you have PCHSearch&Win at your fingertips to search for great recipes.

Homework Help:  Whether you’re looking for information for a school report or practice tests, PCHSearch&Win can be a trusted “study buddy” for students of any age.

TV Listings: Don’t miss your favorite programs and sporting events ever again! Find out what’s on television tonight with a quick search at PCHSearch&Win! Plus, you can even read helpful reviews of your favorite TV shows and movies!

Wow! All these helpful ideas could change your question from, what do I search for to what can I search for next? After all, you search the internet all the time. Why not use the Search Engine that could make you a big winner?

Happy Searching!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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145 thoughts on “Question Answered! What Should I Search For At PCHSearch&Win?”

  1. I see all these numbers rolling by but, you know you have to pick one. But how? I had six different one go by. Which one or is that how it is, you just pick one and hope for the best. Well I guess it’s all up to me. Well I’ll pray to God and trust in him for the right one and put the number in. Thanks.

  2. I can’t play no games today.i don’t understand I been playing in the morning and I can’t play a game,

  3. BenNena says:

    Search all anything you want like charity you want to help weather etc. :) and search my name to pch hehehehhe

  4. Audrey Hertel says:

    Please believe me when I share with you the truth about this Search and Win with PCH. It was the answer for me when I went through one of the worst and stressful periods of my life and during that time it provided me with answers quickly and accurately that I needed! Someday I will share all the particulars of that time but now I just say thank you PCH and all your sponsors for your help in finding answers when I needed them the most! I encourage every player on PCH to use this search engine daily and it will lead you to the right answers for whatever your needs may be.

  5. jan says:

    Why do i only hit tokens not even a $50.00 win. Scratch off seem to be sad on $$ but fine on tokens. And why do i have to play every day to get in to the pot with a # to win millions.when i am told every day to continue to confirm. And says i am entered but seems to get this same message every day?? Also if i don’t search to win then i am forfeiting my chances to be in the big drawing when i have been entered already many times. Just seems weird and a waste of time to get on every day and play these games do these searches when i have a 7 year old grand daughter I am raising and needs my attention all day unless in school. Then i get most of my work done when she’s in school. It’s hard.but i don’t understand this kind of the strategy of this when into a big win in April. When it had said many times did the right thing and am entered plenty of times

  6. We are crossing are tigers and toes we could really use a win write know I can’t believe how much this would help us and so many others who deserve the help. So from the bottom of are hearts we are try to catch upon so much I’d would be so astounded knowing how many I could helptheirs nothing like the reword to see the smile and the worm feeling you get in return is in real good felling so I would be so great full to pch and the prize patrol team I can’t say enough to you guys. So good luck to all but we could really yous god hands to let ours number come in please thank you pch for giving all of us good luck

  7. Gail says:

    Search for “anything you want?” Really? Is that so? I got scolded by’s Search and Win engine early this morning. Basically, a message came across the screen stating that my “privileges” may be revoked if my searches “are not authentic.” I guess the PCH Search and Win engine blew a fuse, because the search phrase I used was much too complicated for it. I guess Search & Win has me pegged as a dumb old lady (which I, by far, am not by the way). When I do a search, I am actually interested in finding info in regard to my search subject. As the PCH Search engine does not know me personally
    what defines my search subject as “authentic” or as “NOT authentic?” Who programmed the parameters for this one … lol? They may want to delete this particular section of the program as it is rude.

    1. Helen says:

      I’ve been ‘scolded’ as well – the line at the top of the page (after I submit my search parameters) tells me to ‘search only for the topics I am interested in’ and I’m wondering how do they know what I am interested in? Why would I use this search engine if I am going to be scolded for actually wanting to look things up?

  8. stvnmae says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE TIPS on how and what to search search and win.

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