Happy Birthday, PCHSearch&Win!

Happy Birthday PCHSearch&Win

Today is June 26th, and it’s time for a birthday! Or should I say two birthdays?

 Today is PCHSearch&Win’s birthday!

 And … drumroll, please … today is also MY birthday!

 But we’re not here to wish me a happy birthday – we’re here to celebrate 5 glorious years of what we think is the coolest way to find the information you need while having the chance to win amazing instant prizes every day! That’s right – PCHSearch&Win!

Not only is PCHSearch&Win powered by the best search engines on the Web … but with your first search of the day, you’ll be automatically entered to win our amazing SuperPrize!

I asked Danielle B., PCH’s Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing Development, why people enjoy the PCHSearch&Win experience so much, and she told me it’s because it’s so easy to use.

Not only can you conduct a search, which most people do in today’s society on a daily basis, but you have the opportunity to win great prizes. Nowhere else can you do that!” she said. “PCHSearch&Win offers hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes each year to its members.

When asked what users can search for, Danielle told me that PCHSearch&Win can help people find so many things – “anything from tasty recipes to ‘how tall is the world’s tallest person.’”

I couldn’t help but ask Danielle what her favorite thing about Search&Win was.

Without hesitation, she replied, “My favorite thing about S&W has to be our mascot Edwin. He is a hoot!”

PCHSearch&Win Mascot Edwin

As PCHSearch&Win celebrates its fifth birthday, Danielle B. is looking forward to many more years of keeping people in the know … and, with a bit of luck, maybe even in the money.

Search&Win will continue to provide new and exciting prizes every day for its members to win, all while rendering great search results that they are looking for,” she said.

So Happy Birthday, PCHSearch&Win!

And … um … happy birthday to me!

Happy searching!

Debbie K.

PCH Creative

P.S. Leave Search&Win a birthday wish in the comments below!

109 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, PCHSearch&Win!”

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