Win Prizes Online – Dell Laptop

Win Prizes Online - Dell Laptop

128 thoughts on “Win Prizes Online – Dell Laptop”

  1. Debby karr says:

    I would love a new Dell Laptop!!
    Good luck to everyone!

  2. Would love to win a Dell Laptop! !!

  3. James Edwards says:

    I do some eat a lot have an ebay business…..but living on disability there is no way I can afford one not even a used one

  4. maryann says:

    how would I know if I won computer

  5. i would like to own one of the dell laptops

  6. Norma Mcroberts says:

    My husband and I would love to own a dell laptop.we use our phone but would love to experience a laptop..thank you nj

  7. Jerry Osborne says:

    Just made my search for a Dell Laptop Computer today on the hour. I get a bit confused though. For in the past, when we were given a time of entry, or a deadline, the time was always an hour earlier, due to the fact of logistics. Otherwise, Central Time had to go along with the Eastern Time of Standards to be in sync with all the major points of entries. The Very best I can say is I absolutely give all those staff members whom contact me my very best. And the First Computer the Chair of Communications of Central Texas College, the late Dr. Noel T. Smith, approved of the three I had submitted for approval for the State Funding was my DELL. I still have it too! Even though they are so much more advanced, and truly less expensive. I had built a computer lab in my apartment near my campus, and when criminals forced me into protection, the three I had built from the money I had saved from SSA AND SSI, they had been destroyed by the ones whom stole my RAM. The DELL is so well built, even without a lock on the tower, you would have to be near a genius to get inside it. Therefore, that one still worked when I returned. I had lost all my collections, stamps from the First Lady of Texas, bibles, coins, but the most devastating along with jewels, were my technical tools, my construction tools, and every smart devise provided for me through the agencies whom helped fund my degree plan in Broadcasting. One can over look once in a lifetime, but few I have ever known could handle being robbed of everything three and four times in a life. So many had thought I would have taken my own life. But I cherish life more than most comprehend. I would give my worst enemy the shoes off my feet if it would save them. And I would take a hit for almost anyone. However my father wanted so much for you I just could not know why, he wanted me to grow in life along with him, so that I might help change many lives. He had mentioned, that I could go anywhere in the world from my room, and then said too, we have to find our own way out of this life, he did. No one could tell him, we just have to see. And the key to LIFE may not be so simple, but it exist in this life. That is why we grow to be borne into our professions, and if we are truly good and fortunate, someone may find us in there heart to set us free. Freedom generally comes from family life, and by tradition a marriage is arranged by one’s father. This is in the Holy Book within the area of law, and those laws were how we came into life before everyone it seems lost their way.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of life, I fear no evil, for I am my own lord until one leads me strait to the life I am suppose to lead. For we live to become the best we can be if your heart is set upon the brighter side of life. Dwell not into dark places with so many bright people that are will to share. It is miracles that can make a difference in many lives. Tell me what you believe a miracle truly is. I hope it is change. Prosperity is actually borne in our hearts first before we can truly do anything with wealth. I change things around not just to suit myself, but to show that there are better ways to put things together. We must focus at a distance, and then approach when we see the time is right to put the pieces together. And with people as myself, we must learn that not all great things that come bring harm to others. I had turned away a lot, because I had noticed the mistakes of others. I should have truly kept to heart what grandfather said. That I can do no wrong, when I was made well good. Good Blessings To Us all. And forgive me if I am a little difficult to comprehend. I have to study as I go, to give you the best that I have now to show. I would not want to share any less than the best of what they whom shall advise me to do so. And yet, for those to advise me, they must know the Laws of our Will. The will I am, is the will you shall allow. And the gifts I may share are for the good in all of us with great trust. Be peaceful. And thank you all for being kind to me. If it were not for your kindness people, I should lay myself to sleep. I am

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