Behind The Scenes At PCHSearch&Win — Ashley Really Does It All!


Hello Searchers! Today it’s my pleasure to introduce Ashley N., who recently joined the PCHSearch&Win creative team as a copywriting intern. I have the pleasure of working closely with Ashley, who works hard behind the scenes at PCHSearch&Win to keep our projects running smoothly and on schedule!

Have you ever seen the movie Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams? I love the scene where Robin Williams (dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire) sees that Pierce Brosnan’s character is choking, so “she” darts towards him, leaping over tables, through a crowded restaurant shouting, “Help is on the way, dear!”

That’s the way I felt when Ashley joined our team! No, she’s not a middle-aged man masquerading as a nanny. No she didn’t need to give me the Heimlich maneuver, thank goodness! But, Ashley is a smart, diligent writer who came to help just at the right time!

Since Ashley joined the creative department for PCHSearch&Win, her main responsibility has been updating the PCHSearch&Win prize notices.  And, you may have had the pleasure of reading some of her posts on this blog!

When she’s not here at PCH, Ashley’s a student at a university here on Long Island, double majoring in English and History, with a minor in Sociology. Talk about doing it all!  She replied, “It’s not too difficult to balance school work and an internship. It all comes down to utilizing the time that I have. As long as I do my school work when I have the time and don’t allow myself to procrastinate, I have no issues balancing everything.”

When Ashley does get a few precious moments of time to herself, she says she loves to “read anything I can get my hands on, whether it be newspaper articles, blogs or works of fiction.” She’s also a movie buff who enjoys movies of all genres and listening to music from various decades.

Ashley is also a fan of PCHSearch&Win. She says, “The best part about PCHSearch&Win is that it’s so simple! All anyone has to do is use it as their daily search engine, and by doing something that they do every day anyway, they could become a millionaire.” Well-said! And she thinks Edwin’s pretty cool. “I like Edwin a lot.  He’s so adorable, and he’s always dressed up or doing something fun.  Last time I saw Edwin he was pictured surfing in the ocean.”

Well, Searchers, I hope you enjoyed your peek behind the scenes at PCHSearch&Win with Ashley! Why not give her a shout-out in the comments section below.

Happy Searching!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative


32 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes At PCHSearch&Win — Ashley Really Does It All!”

  1. says:

    I have been.trying to see if Ihad won.with mytwo alfabits.

  2. CHARLES douglas says:

    It looks like you have a very good and capable staff working. Looks like you have a top notch team.

  3. ruby owings says:

    Dear team I appreciate the opportunity to play. If you knew my life story you migt onder why I smile and do this so often…I will not tell. I love the feeling that Im trying to overcome myself. I feel if we think and act positively…positive occurs.

  4. Ann Garrett says:

    PCH has unique employees!

  5. jose guilez says:

    I have been.trying to see if Ihad won.with mytwo alfabits. On my game Ihad played and Icant find any.thing on it thank you

  6. Ypsi Lee says:

    Dear Schindler,
    I beg to differ from Edwin the Owl! There’s nothing smart or CUTE about an owl talking down to you or threatening you and other customers!

    How perverse is it for Edwin, an in-animate cartoon character to text customers that use Search&Win that they should NOT Search To Win?!?! but do all your other searching with them. And of course the customer should only open the results to which the customer is INTERESTED!? AWH SHUCKS EDWIN, THANKS! FYI a person’s searching is really none of Edwin’s business!!!

    I really like it when Edwin the Owl tells customers to be wise because “certain behaviors” will cost certain customers their privileges. But, they don’t inform the customers what those behaviors are!

    I think it would be really wise of Edwin the Owl to ENTER the list of behaviors that will cost customers their privileges, into the RULES! UPFRONT, OUTLOUD, INPRINT, AND HONEST!

    But then, Schindler, you’re just a human, out to win. Whereas they are business people, out to add your money to their stockpiles!

    Good Luck to you Schindler

  7. wanda abbott says:

    wanda abbott-i like to win,and would help others if i win. it would be a god blessing.thank you for all you do to help others and god bless you.

  8. Tammy Estell says:

    I like this Post. And I’ll share It.

  9. Have u ever frlt like u realy had a chance at something that could change ur life and many others and one stupid mustake or an accident just happens and not on purepose to just ruin something that could have been the best thing to ever happen to u like a dream and it could be right out the window does anyone got a gun i may need one if i screwed up something i have dresmed for…..for such a long time i dont kn if pch remembers i used to play faithfully 30yrs ago and here i am again asken god to help me build my life over again one more time the last time lifes been hell on weels

  10. Hello every one my name is timothy john ruelas some people call me bubbie so i openef ul gmail and i usrd a new user name and well i got a notes that im that close to winning the forever prize and so my android phone jumped out at me and exeted all my entries i hink because i havent been getting anymove notest that im still lart of this winning the5,000a week forever prize. And ya im still homeless i got saff infection on my nee so i was on meds for the past two weeks had to stay out of sun the meds made me blister up and get sick to my tummy so ell i feel lick i realy screwed up my chances to win that prize and build my church i ealy think the devil is even afraid of the power of god and whats inside my heart just bursting to be happy build a church and have he people help me build my birdhouses 1 unique st birdhouses and with that cash it could pay for things that the people would like to vote on like camp ougs disneyland in florida or one needs help withbills etc.well pchsearch&win comity both me timothy j. Ruelas is…… i hope i still have that chance to have a life again thank u pch just for hearing my screw up with my chances to win damn me

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