$1000 Prize

$1000 Prize

711 thoughts on “$1000 Prize”

  1. Winning $5,000 a week forever would be incredibly great I could start some businesses but I’ve been wanting to do without having to look for investors and going to the banks

  2. Tatiana Nicholai says:

    5 more days please send us who won!!! Good luck!!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    still trying after 8 years

  4. Linda J says:

    still trying to win that $5,0000 a week forever prize for aug. well what can I say?I dont give up easy when I really want something

  5. Yes, I WANT To Win $1,000.00 Tenx’s+$5,000.00″Forever”
    August 31st. see you Soon!

    Thank you

  6. Yes I want to win $1,000.00 10times and $5,000.00 forever on AUGUST 31ST THANK YOU

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