$1000 Prize

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  1. J Andrews says:

    I accept my entry for the $1,000.00 prize entry plus the $5,000.00 forever prize. Thank you all, enjoy the day and evening. Thanks again!

  2. Beverly says:

    Hoping beyond all hopes that my name is drawn the 24th of February. I’m so glad dreams are free . . . . .

  3. Debra Patterson says:

    Hello PCH and PRIZE Patrol, Im really excited that this sweepstakes is almost over ,I really want to “WIN” I Sure could use that “BIG check” FOREVER and be able to pass it on to my Daughter .There is so much I need to do to help Our Veterans ,and the Cancer Foundation, my Husband passed away this last April 16th he found out He had stage 4 Lung Cancer in Feb of Last year ,He passed away here at home, This Feb 14th would have been Our 18th Anniversary. And I have a close friend Who just found out that she has Breast Cancer. So I would love to Help the Cancer Foundation. I’m sorry I dumped all this on you guys. But some times it helps to get it out and share
    Anyway. I Wish Every one. a Lot of Good. Luck and Love. Stay Positive Every one. DP in Texas

  4. Marnel Rode says:


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