$1000 Prize

$1000 Prize

1,206 thoughts on “$1000 Prize”

  1. stephen a. rost says:

    It sure would make my life a lot easier and stress free if I could win the $5,000 week prize sweepstakes.

  2. debra carter says:

    Winning $5000 a week for life would be great!!

  3. it would be pleasure to win 5,000 week it change my life

  4. Elsie Wren says:

    I’ve given up after 33 years of playing ordering. Guess I’m just not lucky

  5. Donna Potter says:

    Hello my friend’s the.elite ones prize patrol , I would love to win
    $5000.00 a week forever along with
    $1000 local viewing area
    Please accept timely entry for these and all other eligible entries for numerous sweeps
    Please secure each and all from your system process as eligible to win because I want to win!

  6. Jacqulin Jordan says:

    I would love to win $1000 and 5000 a week for life

  7. Winning with PCH would be AWESOME.

  8. Donna Stanczyk says:

    PCH I Would Love to Be Your Big Winner

  9. Cynthia Woody says:

    I would love to win $1000.00 and also, $5000.00 a week for life.


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