$1000 Prize

$1000 Prize

1,190 thoughts on “$1000 Prize”

  1. Mary Feddersen says:

    I want to win the $1000.00 dollars.

  2. James miller says:

    I claim a entry to win 1,000. So Pch enter me in to win 1,000 cash for August 31st .

  3. I would love to win a prize, any prize but it takes money. You have over $13,000 of my money and have told me you don’t keep other people’s money, mr Adrew Goldberg, yet I have not received a dime. Why is that? If I had my money Icould pick and choose what I need to do but without it I can not afford to eat well or pay for all of my medication. Please return my money so I can figure out what is best for me!

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