Amazon Kindle Prize from PCHSearch&Win

Amazon Kindle Prize from PCHSearch&Win

93 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Prize from PCHSearch&Win”

  1. I Would love to win a Kindle Fires, I have no idea what it is , but I,m Sure there is directions with it.I would also love to win the home for $3Million My Husband and family has always rented. It would be so awesome to spend the rest of our life in a home of our own. Our car decided it was getting old and tired and broke down. But Thank God I heard that if my number comes out there might be a new Lincolin in our future. What timing so I’m in to win .God Bless everyone and I Pray that we are all winners.

  2. Good day PCH,
    I am here today to try and win a free kindle from you PCH. If I was lucky enough to win this then I am really lucky. I also would like a tablet for internet use. This way when I leave home I can carry everything with me where ever I go.
    Please consider me in this great give away.
    Thank you for your time.
    Joann Parrott

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