Have a Monday “FUNDAY” with PCHSearch&Win!

This week’s instant prizes at PCHSearch&Win will help make today a Monday FUNDAY!

Make your monday a funday

Hello PCH fans and HAPPY “MONDAY FUNDAY” to all! I know many of you have heard of (and maybe participated in) “Sunday Funday,” where you extend your exciting weekend activities just a little bit longer! Well, who says that Sunday is the only funday? Can’t everyday have some fun in it?

I know what you’re all thinking, fun on a MONDAY? Really? Monday usually means the relaxing weekend has come and gone and it’s back to the every day hustle and bustle. Well I have JUST the thing to put some pep back in your step on this Monday morning. INSTANT PRIZES!

That’s right! Monday is definitely a FUNDAY here at PCH because it’s Prizefest, the day we reveal the instant win prizes we’re giving away this week!

So instead of counting the days until the weekend, log onto PCHSearch&Win right now and start your week by searching for some great “Monday Funday,” ideas and YOU could be our next instant winner of one of these exciting prizes!

PCHSearch&Win Gives You A Monday Funday

Monday 7/22:  Who doesn’t love saving cash on your favorite products? Five lucky winners will receive a $150 Overstock gift card to shop til’ you drop!

Tuesday 7/23:  Make your way to a concert or sporting event this summer! Today, five $50 StubHub gift cards will be given away!

Wednesday 7/24: Today is a BIG winning day! Start searching and you could instantly win one of these FANTASTIC prizes!

• $500 Apple gift card

• $500 cash prize

• $500 Travelocity gift card

• 46” LED TV

• $500 Home Depot gift card

• $100 American Express gift card (5 lucky winners)

• $100 iTunes gift card (5 lucky winners!)

• $1,000 cash prize

Thursday 7/25: Got some bills to pay? Need some extra cash for that summer vacation? One lucky winner will get $500 cash in their pocket today!

Friday 7/26: Give your place a makeover! Five lucky winners will get a $100 Ikea gift card.

Saturday 7/27: Five $150 Overstock gift cards will be given away today!

Sunday 7/28: Plan your out-of-town summer getaway! One lucky winner will find their way with a new GPS!

So searchers, YOU could be one search away from winning one of these exciting prizes! How’s that for a “Monday Funday”?

Happy Searching!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

31 thoughts on “Have a Monday “FUNDAY” with PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Barbara L. says:

    PLEASE Enter Prize Gvwy #5732 for PCH funday Sunday I’m READY TO BE A WINNER!! HAPPY Easter!

  2. Ivy Holmes says:

    I see nothing wrong with extending Sundays Funday and letting it travel through the week especially with the prizes that you can win. I did not know that it did that until today. I could not find anything other than what was on pch prize patrol or search and win Facebook page. it’s kind of hard to do some of these things on a cell phone. I would also like to put my activate entry for give away 4900 to win the 7000 weekly life prize. I would also love to win the million life Super Prize as well! God bless each and everyone and God bless you publishers clearing house for making dreams come true or possible


  4. I am ready to win something good

  5. Tara Lyn Fray says:

    I’d Love to be the next PCH Sunday Funday winner. It would be truly a Funday to be a winner! Thank you PCH for this Funday.

  6. pch i woudlove to win some moneyi would live to win $100000000 thank you pchi would love to win eventhing

  7. naheed khan says:

    i am living in the lower class bottom line ,i want to tell the my sweepstakes announcer after the the winning award you can see my whole life and home there is no hidden and i knew this is true site and i believe on this yet trying and hope ,
    my lovely pch ,
    i love you PCH ,and NBC
    i love you PCH ,and NBC
    i love you PCH ,and NBC
    i love you PCH ,and NBC
    i love you PCH ,and NBC x 1830

    still awaiting at my door every time from the start of month ,it will be start at the date of ,August 29th ,2013 so lovely dream with PCH

  8. Barbara says:


  9. Helen Ardon says:

    How come no body in North Carolina ever won anything?????

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Helen, over the years, PCH has awarded prizes to winners throughout the U.S. and Canada. On June 30, 2013, Glenda Dancy of Statesville, N.C. won the $1 Million SuperPrize: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0BrXSRNVXo.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  10. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Yes I would love to win a new GPS from PCH’s

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