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    LAST Christmas one my Children took sick very ,very sick and he was misdiagonsed told he had a panick attack he was sent home no meds.He was having ACUTE Panceras attack with complications. 5 surgeries later March 28,2015.Harvey,got to come home Oct 7 more surgery First week in Nov back in Hospital,he’s home now and getting better.So love to win for a better year filled with less stress and be able to pay bills and have something left.Love to travel and have happier times .

  2. Gwindy hernandez says:

    I want to win for my family and my church and the homeless peolpe god bless you all thank you gwindy hernandez

  3. Diana Cruz says:

    Please please please want to win..PCH

  4. Timothy Jones says:

    I will Love to win . It will truly be a blessing

  5. OLINDA Mcintire says:

    Please let me win . I Am trying so hard. Do I play right. I need to win so bad . too help my son with his tuition, My hohome need so much work. Please PCH let me win something . Good luck to all.

  6. PCH $10,000.00 a week for life and $55,000.00 bonus cash

  7. Diana Cruz says:

    I want to win pch…..please

  8. I got an email to verify my initials to claim my prize .. I do I do that……. Also if I would win the 10.000.00 a week for life it would be a blessing. I’m going through a lot of Financial struggles and a marriage that is falling a part.. My heart is breaking and I’m stressed.. This isn’t the only reason I would want to win.. I want I help others that struggle. I’ve been there and rather if I win or not I will overcome obstacles that I am facing.. I just think it would be awesome to help others.

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