1,064 thoughts on “did_i_win”

  1. Leila says:

    My dream is to win before I die in sick and I just want to me again

    1. Leila says:

      I love my games and can’t stop play my heart off can I please win today

  2. Kevin Woods says:

    I would like to claim my 100.00 gift card and any other winning entry

  3. Puthyra tan says:

    Hi my dear PCH just want to know , did I won the Pch #6900 on on 04/29/2016
    Because last year I’m so excited and ,I’m disappointed but I but I still believe Pch somehow I don’t know I’m still playing
    Please give me my dream come through thank God

  4. Christina shepherd says:

    Yes indeed god has answered my prayers hey Todd Dave how Danielle Mrs Debra Holland Mr Michael Collins so excited and in it to win it I accept y million that’s a prayer prayed daily from me and my kids they r my pch kids see y’all on 429/16 To Have A Legacy of Love to do unto others and less sorry and more thanking Jesus:)

  5. Pandit says:

    Good morning pch

  6. Did I win the prize,of $3,000,000.00 for a new home?

  7. did I win anything I put my tokens on

  8. Oh yeah baby searchandwin,6900,4950,5966

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