763 thoughts on “did_i_win”

  1. L towne says:

    Keep telling myself, One day my ship will come. then watch out world here I come with my honey of 38 years. Lord hope it don’t sink before it gets to shore.

  2. mary wells says:

    Really need to win about to lose my house to taxes. Almost finished paying for the house. Keeping my head up I will do it some how positive thinking

  3. I need to win this so bad for my family

  4. alison hogan says:

    Send me email if I won please and thank u

  5. Win 1$100.00 Christy Vernon! Thank you PCH. Search and win

  6. Mitchell navamn says:

    I win hundred dollars ya

  7. Thanks my family will be bless and everybody around

  8. alison hogan says:

    Have I won anything please need to be set for life

  9. SARAH BISHOP says:


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