850 thoughts on “did_i_win”

  1. Jerry brewer says:

    I been playing on pch search to win ,, for a good long time now ,, I have put a lote time in with pch search team now ,,, but I no al the time I put in with pch,, it’s well going pay off,,, for me ,,, I have had a lote of people tell me it’s all fake ,,, but I dont think it’s fake at ,,, all ,,,, But they are people that try to get on all type of business,, but you can’t blame the real pch people for the bad stuff that some people try to pull on people ,,,,,, I’m just try say pch people I’m just proud to play on y’all’s sight ,, An no I’m the winner in the August 31 2015 drawing ,,. I’m from ms my name Jerrybrewer Richton ms 39476 ,,,, I’m hear to win it all from pch search ,,,, thanks for Yall time. ,,,,,

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