573 thoughts on “did_i_win”

  1. yes yes I want to win please.

  2. I wanr to win so i can give my neices and nefews something for the holidays

  3. Hi pch!! I’m still trying to win,the odds aren’t in my favor, but it’s nice to dream the the possible dream.wow would I love to tell the world.if I were to win I would help my family and friends out,but they have to thank pch for their generosity.pch contest is for real I believe, I will think positive,but will continue to hope for even a little win.Thank-you pch for giving me a chance at winning.sharon Hechtman, anoka,minnesota

    1. Thank-you pch for giving me the chance to enter this amazing contest. Every person who enters will have a chance to win,so I will keep trying as long as it takes until some lucky person wins. Sharon h

  4. Cinnydempsey says:

    Let me know when I win. I need to win

  5. I would love to have truck @ car pay all my bills off go places I have not been and live happy ever every after Thanks.

  6. yes I want to win to pay on my bill.

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