62 thoughts on “edwin_hatch_&_win”

  1. nancy wyatt says:

    Hi Mr.ewin only love can break a heart I found you my love ho you doing family and all iv miss you all.

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    Great opportunity to win

  3. nancy says:

    I tried for dayed now to play the games on ewin page and fun page something wrong ,please check I cant wine if I cant play ok

    1. nancy wyatt says:

      I love every thing about pch,good people, if had one wish it would be to win,I need to help my new family NAC. See I know people are having hard time,on Rev, I’m not hungry I need no more eaction but to day right here at home, to me it’s Bear clan that ii am Cherokee Indian, I would fell like I finely got to help someone who needs every thing,so before I pass from this world I at less try to help,my Indian family they were never treated right still to this day it hurts my soul to fine even I was hinded, I found out by god Grace my missing part, yes I am a American Indian, so that’s jut what I do.a, ho.

  4. Oh ewin my iPad want let me get to your hatch and win GAM by love keep those egges warm I’ll get there I’m not that easy to get ride of but of course you know that you know me still trying my love see you soon.

  5. I like Edwin and the games! Now if I could just win some money, money. Any money, please !

  6. Peggy says:

    Love Edwin !

  7. selena charles says:

    I like this ‘

  8. selena charles says:

    May 2,2014 I want to enter for the 1,000.00.

  9. carol annunziata says:

    love these games

  10. carol annunziata says:

    I love this game

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