2,532 thoughts on “_Forever_Prize”

  1. Linda Walker says:

    My Mother is 90 years old,she is still able to Walker. Her mine is sharp as ever. She has live a lot. The only wants to go to Washington DC to see the now Afican American museum. If I win I would take her.

  2. Yes I want to win PCH one or more of the 20 prizes today. Thank you PCH .
    sincerely Barbara Padilla

  3. Danielle King says:

    I hope I’m doing this right! I’ve been playing every single day but I don’t always have time to check up on and clear my emails, and I see the “due dates” don’t give me very much time! I hope I didn’t miss something just because I can’t check my email each day, but I made sure to enter each morning! Please let me know I didn’t screw up my chances, as I would be just heartbroken to have done all of that for nothing. Thank you — Danielle K.

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