1,699 thoughts on “_Forever_Prize”

  1. frederick says:

    I for ever need new home am sorry I forgot to put it in .4900 my batter was going out.on my phone.

  2. frederick says:

    OK prize I am search for I hop I and wingwyno4900/5377/4627.ita wish.

  3. frederick says:

    I Wish on a star and the wish came ture for that
    Peron but my wish did not c ome for me so am wish on this dream to win 7,000 and chacnat10,million and25,000 to gwy 4900 5327

  4. Pch I would love to be slected the for ever prize. $7000.October 23200015.My Husband I need a dream come true. Don,t have much. So many needs. We would help us. Buy a home. We eed a new car. I need to get my teeth fix. I need glasses. So many needs. Thanks pch

  5. Tiffany Walker says:

    Very excited to see who wins I’ll be working so I hate I won’t get to see the winner on tv but I will be checking the pch blog. Good luck to all pch contestants. And congrats to the winner of the big forever prize…you are blessed!

  6. Carmen white says:

    Dear friends my family and I are waiting for that big day to come please remember us. I’m anxious to meet with the PCH at our door.

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