2,164 thoughts on “_Forever_Prize”

  1. Irma Serrano says:

    Irma Serrano my Loyalty,to God,myself,and PCh…I have what it takes to win it all.Help others,and believe that people really win! GOD BLESS America,& pch! Thanks!

  2. Irma Serrano says:

    Irma Serrano of Santa Ana California want to win it all,and has been trying,trying,make me a believer!

  3. Donna says:

    God reveal his plan, my family, one love

  4. 3 wishes are (superpeise)(bigcheck)(forever!)

  5. for every surprise for ever ever for ever ever super prize winner PCH set for life clean win golden ticket selected $7,000 a week for life PCH got me set for lifeer super prize set for life hit the big-time

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