30 thoughts on “edwin_pch_search&win”

  1. Diane worthy says:

    PCH, read comments of others. Whether I win, whether I loose, I know I gave my best in dedicatuon and loyality to you my friend. Just wanted you to know I appreciate you for the change in my daily living on a positive note. Truly, want to win something knowing that Publishing Clearing House made this happen for Dianw Worthy of Durham, North Caroluna living at 2409 Mizelle St. so sincerely and dedicated your friend in Nirth Carolina. Happy holidays to you all !!!

  2. Diane worthy says:

    Hi PCH, read your emails about instant prizes awardwd today, 12 18 2014 all day. Been searching all day off and on. want to feel my searching wasen t in vain but i know you wouldn t do that to a dedicated, everyday searcher. That s not your M O. PCH you have been supportive and thank you much !!! I just feel like i haven t gotten anywhere today with my instant search. Please continue to help me with my search for today before 11:59. If not will keep trying with the Grace of God. So, sincerely and dedicated, diane worthy, 2409 mozelle st., durham, n.c. Be blessed

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    I’ts totally Great!

  4. Charles Smith says:

    Seniors like my self need to be a winner because of the small amount that we get from S.S. winning would be a blessing that would be for my family & other needy seniors, thanks for letting me voice for all of us.

  5. cherry jordan says:

    Edwin I need a life change and I want to win so bad please bless me. I want to win it all. A to Z and everything in between new house new car lifetime having money.

  6. aser says:

    how much i want win to win .

  7. Melissa Cabral says:

    Pch superfan#pch prize patrol #Edwin <3<3

  8. Ms. GG says:

    Pch please activate my entry immediately if possible. . yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Pch make me your next big WINNER. . Yes i want to win $1,000.000. 00 in 2014 badly.. pch i want to be your next big WINNER. ..

  9. LaRita says:

    How do I search and win?
    What am I to do?

    You advertise that no purchase is necessary, can I still qualify.

    I can’t afford to buy anything. If I win I will buy everything.

  10. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH i want to be the Winner of ur $1,000.00 Local TV Area, Prize, me Pauline McPherson-Thomas……

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