57 thoughts on “edwin_pch_search&win”

  1. marvel marks says:

    Win 1,000 #4950 I want win

  2. I am not greedy, bur I would love to win this prize + Gwy, prize # 4900. What ever you chose, I’ll be satisfied. All though we have a big agenda to help the Church & Church family. “Thank you”

  3. carla michelle Antee says:

    Love Edwin

  4. Andrea says:

    edwin_pch_Search&win. … com publisher’s clearing house .I AM SEARCHING TO WIN MY UNIQUE SUPER PRIZE GWY 4900 $5,000 … PCH PCH. PLEASE ACTIVATE TO WIN ON 30TH

  5. Carla M Antee says:

    Number 1

  6. Joseph Nsoah says:

    Hii pch front page I’m claiming my 5x entries to activate gwy 4749 $25,000 golden ticket 2,000.000. PLUS $ 10. 000 a month. For ever plus 37.315 .00 brand new mkz Lincoln plus my dream vacation. PLUS $ 1000.hsn from the pch front page .gwy 3080 #3577# 4650 4651 #4749 #5166 #3148#4950#4902# pch. Com publisher cleaning house .I AM SEARCHING TO WIN MY UNIQUE SUPER PRIZE GWY 4900 $5,000.00 a week for ever plus $1,000.000 from gwy 4900 7,000.000 a week for ever prize. PCH I hereby claim to confirm my eligibility to win from 27th February 2015 $5,000. A week for ever plus $ with my prize code 4900. Prize PKG I’D L 1300.prize voucher ID 485762.AND THESE ARE THE BULLETINS CODES PC238 . PC252. PCW71 PCH. PLEASE ACTIVATE TO WIN ON 30TH JUNE 2015 I WANT TO MEET THE PRIZE PATROL AT MY DOOR FOR MY DREAM COME TRUE. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

  7. Joseph Nsoah says:

    Hi Pch searc and win ,pch .com AND pch front page i am to claiming my unique super prize for ever,plus $25,000.00 please help me to win my dream i am still searching to win,

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