ONE MORE WEEK to go for the PCH “Forever” Prize!

Finish Line

It’s true, my PCHSearch&Win pals … we’re almost at the finish line!

As of today, you have just one more week to enter to win our stupendous PCH “Forever” Prize, that is guaranteed to be awarded on August 29th.

Forever Prize

Pretty amazing, right? Just imagine … $5,000.00 every week – for as long as the winner lives!  Just imagine if YOU were the winner! What would you do with all that money?

For instance, would you ….

Buy your “dream home”?

Dream Home

Start packing for an exotic vacation?

Exotic Vacation

No matter how you’d like to spend $5,000.00 A Week… the only way to turn those dreams into “gold” is to enter to win every single day, right through next Thursday, August 22nd. This date is REALLY important, because after August 22nd, we cannot accept your entries for this colossal prize.

And listen: this time, there’s even MORE at stake. Because with the PCH “Forever” Prize, not only would you receive weekly $5,000.00 checks for life if you win … but after that, the checks would continue for a special person of your choosing. What a fantastic financial legacy that would be for a loved one!

Now remember everyone, it’s so easy to enter at PCHSearch&Win — you’ll automatically be entered with your first search of the day! It’s truly a no brainer. Search for what? How about “luxury european vacations” or “sports car dealerships” – anything, as long as you search!

Yes, my prize-loving friends, the clock is ticking!

Use the next precious seven days to go for the life-changing prize that’s guaranteed to be awarded on August 29th. Yes, GUARANTEED! So that means someone is absolutely going to win our $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” in a very short time. Will it be YOU?

Sending out winning good wishes,
Marybeth H.

10 thoughts on “ONE MORE WEEK to go for the PCH “Forever” Prize!”

  1. Rachel lopez says:

    I wish that I can have my dream come through just . I have a big heart of gold and like to help anyone if I could.

  2. Gregory Tharaldson says:

    I be the happiest man in the world

  3. Leslie Trotter says:

    I definitely hope and Pray to God to become a winner. I also pray that every one on here come into some sort of windfall whether it’s PCH or something else. I can think of things I can do like pay for my teeth and dental bills. I have gingivitis and periodontal disease where I’m losing teeth. I am still quite young and have been teased as a child because of it. I am struggling, selling everything I have which isn’t much to pay for my dental and medical bills. I also live in an abusive situation where I need to get out of whenever I can afford to. If I don’t win, I hope who ever wins is blessed abundantly and may God bless us all.

  4. carlos dugon says:

    Very excited looking forward to meet the pch team and crew…

  5. Shirley Hart says:

    Time is all most here and I can not wait to hear that knock on my door.Come PCH Crew come on to my home in Milwaukee I am waiting.

  6. Zinamarie Rodriguez says:

    PCH sweepstakes is so inspiring IT simply gives hope to all of those in need …. It inspires us to dream and to believe in something that is real… Good luck to all…If I were to have that moment to win.. well it would allow me to do what I have always done …My mission is to give first …then build my own castle to leave an awesome legacy behind..Thank You PCH sweepstakes for keeping the game going always….WE LOVE IT and believe dreams do come true!!!!!!

  7. dianajackson says:

    JUST want to say good luck to all and win or lose GODS will be done. good or bad times you still have life and another day to give thanks to JESUS FOR

  8. Rose Kelley says:

    Hello my name Rose.and I would like to say that I hope and pray that I win.because I’ve been in hardship for awhile. A I pray to my God all the time for his help and blessing that he do all the time for me.because I can’t hardly work anymore I have a bad back but I have to keep going though.and also if I win I would love to help the homeless with shelter and food and clothing. And I would love to help the teen with shelter that are pregnant and who have no one there for them.and no one to turn to for help.and I would love to be there for them someone who they can trust and count on to be there in time of need.and thank God for giving me a heart and love for others. That’s. What I would if I could win.I have faith. I’ll win.

  9. Shirley Hart says:

    I would love to win this give away because I have not worked in seven years and I need money to pay my bills I have been sick for so long . So I hope that I hear the knock at my door.

  10. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi! Yes a dream home is in the plans. Also traveling..though it will all be in the states at first. Visits to family and friends. That will cover quite a few states. Wishing and dreaming, hoping one day to wake and be a reality. :)

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