ONE MORE WEEK to go for the PCH “Forever” Prize!

Finish Line

It’s true, my PCHSearch&Win pals … we’re almost at the finish line!

As of today, you have just one more week to enter to win our stupendous PCH “Forever” Prize, that is guaranteed to be awarded on August 29th.

Forever Prize

Pretty amazing, right? Just imagine … $5,000.00 every week – for as long as the winner lives!  Just imagine if YOU were the winner! What would you do with all that money?

For instance, would you ….

Buy your “dream home”?

Dream Home

Start packing for an exotic vacation?

Exotic Vacation

No matter how you’d like to spend $5,000.00 A Week… the only way to turn those dreams into “gold” is to enter to win every single day, right through next Thursday, August 22nd. This date is REALLY important, because after August 22nd, we cannot accept your entries for this colossal prize.

And listen: this time, there’s even MORE at stake. Because with the PCH “Forever” Prize, not only would you receive weekly $5,000.00 checks for life if you win … but after that, the checks would continue for a special person of your choosing. What a fantastic financial legacy that would be for a loved one!

Now remember everyone, it’s so easy to enter at PCHSearch&Win — you’ll automatically be entered with your first search of the day! It’s truly a no brainer. Search for what? How about “luxury european vacations” or “sports car dealerships” – anything, as long as you search!

Yes, my prize-loving friends, the clock is ticking!

Use the next precious seven days to go for the life-changing prize that’s guaranteed to be awarded on August 29th. Yes, GUARANTEED! So that means someone is absolutely going to win our $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” in a very short time. Will it be YOU?

Sending out winning good wishes,
Marybeth H.

19 thoughts on “ONE MORE WEEK to go for the PCH “Forever” Prize!”

  1. Myron Hester says:

    Yes I would love to win pchPch gwy 4900 for $$5k a wk for life November.

  2. Hello again, glad to reply, that’s what it takes to win,hopefully can win.

    Bruce Hoekstra on 11-3-14 at 6:48 PM

  3. PCHSearch&WIN! PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH WIN $5,000.00 A Week For Life A Life Changing Prize At Stake! PCH GWY #4900! D.M. Heres To Thinking Postive. Yes I Want To WIN PCH Prize Patrol.

  4. brenda verd says:

    I need help with this paper

  5. Timothy j. Ruelas says:

    Hello everyone @pchsearch&win will I win on aug.28th & will my dreams come true & have my kids & grand babies & ashley w/two babies as well & will I get to build that church & make changes for those that need to be saved or am I dreaming a dream that will remain what it is & mabe live long enough to build it myself considering ive got this far without help & going off the edge like ive seen other’s do & they ask me how I do it….I tell them..WITHOUT GOD ALMITY IN MY HEART EVEN THOUGH HE UPSETS ME FROM TIME TO TIME I BELONG TO MY CREATOR & NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM ME EVER….so I keep my head up dont depend on anyone to make my life better because that’s not happening unless a pchwow makes me a millionaire & turns my dreams into reality by the grace of GOD ALMITY see jessus sitth on the right hand of OUR FATHER & WE ALL SITTH ON THE LEFT SIDE OF ALMITY….some dont see that & others do ok ive said enough I need a mirrical does someone have one for me….blessings all bye now

  6. Debora Winckler says:

    I hope I win the $5,000.00 forever contest. It would be nice to help the my in-law’s ,my kids, and my husband and myself. Thank you PCH for the opportunity to let me play in the contest.

  7. I would luv to win a big prize to pay off bills and go on a vacation trip with my kids.. god granted me 4 of my 6 kids r special ..

  8. Dorothy Gilmore Griffin says:

    I sure hope the computer spits out my number to win the $5K a week “FOREVER”,
    so don’t disappoint me.

  9. I’m hoping that my dream will come true, and be able to pay off my student loans and my move mother in a better nursing home before her last days. I pray for a miracle every day and I hope God hear my prayers. I also would help people who are going through hard times also help children who don’t have food to eat. This dream I will leave in God’s hands.

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