Awesome BBQ Tips & End of Summer Recipes!

BBQ Tips

Hey PCH Fans!

Did you know that PCHSearch&Win is your NUMBER ONE destination to find anything and everything you need to make your Labor Day Weekend unforgettable? Well if you didn’t know, now you know! From radical recipes, to super fun end-of-summer activities, PCHSearch&Win is the place for you!

I ABSOLUTELY love Labor Day Weekend, or any weekend that involves great weather, great company, and most of all, GREAT FOOD! If you’re planning on grilling up some delicious goodies, PCHSearch&Win can help you find some top-notch recipes that you and your whole family will love!

This year for my family’s Labor Day BBQ, I was assigned to bring one of the main dishes we would be having for dinner. I began thinking where I could find an awesome meat dish that my whole family would go bananas over and that’s when it hit me. PCHSearch&Win, DUH! Being a self-proclaimed meat lover, I naturally searched for “Best BBQ Pork Recipes” as my first search of the day. As always, PCHSearch&Win never disappoints! I was immediately brought to a link from called “Top 10 Pork Recipes: The Most Popular and Best Pork Recipes at BBQ & Grilling“. I found not one, but 10 mind-blowing pork recipes sure to make anyone’s mouth water!

Besides whipping up some delicious BBQ dinner items, PCHSearch&Win can also rock your world with finger lickin’ good dessert recipes! With so many different types of desserts out there, it is hard to find one that will appeal to everyone at your party. If you get stuck on what to bring, this site is definitely your solution. As I searched PCHSearch&Win for “Best BBQ Desserts”, I found the ultimate dessert recipe guide respectfully titled, “75 Best Desserts To Bring To A BBQ”. Can it get more perfect than that? With this wonderful site, you can choose from 75 dessert recipes, one more amazing than the next! Dessert is covered!

Since it is summer, many people still have their mind set on maintaining their bikini bodies. Although I am definitely a food lover, I can also sympathize with people trying to eat healthy while enjoying their Labor Day Weekend. Well, PCHSearch&Win can help you find awesome Labor Day recipes, too! It helped me find the “best summer salad recipes” with a great article called “101 Simple Salads For The Season”.

No matter where your Labor Day Weekend plans take you, PCHSearch&Win is your handy guide to anything and everything you want/need to know to celebrate the end of your summer fabulously! Don’t forget to use PCHSearch&Win for all your searching needs!

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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  5. Awesome post, it is also better to check the meat you are using and the fresher the better and check how they produce meat and store. Some stores,shops do not care how they handle meats and its not good.

  6. Jamie Brown says:

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  7. Linda Dawson says:

    Because of my nosy doctors, I can’t have fried foods. Per my kidney doctor’s request I am meeting with a dietican on 3 Sep.. They are slowly trying to make me a vegan. It is hard for me to grasp a meatless burger is good as the real deal. If anyone has actually tried the meatless and or turkey burgers, please tell me how they taste. Also, if you have a good recipe, please share it. Trying to eat healthy is by far the hardest things I had to do. Thanks.

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