Happy Labor Day Weekend from PCHSearch&Win!

It’s the unofficial end of summer (boo-hoo!) … the last day when it’s fashionable to wear white … the start of a new school year for many … and the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons. Yes, it’s Labor Day!

It’s also a day when most folks don’t have to go to work – as we celebrate the American worker, the creator of so much our great nation’s strength, prosperity, leadership and freedom.

Sure, it’s great to have a day off … but what if you didn’t have to work at all anymore?

No More Work

Now, that’s a reason to head over to PCHSearch&Win. Because, with your first search of the day, you’ll be automatically entered to win our BIG SuperPrize! And with money like that, every day would be “No Labor Day”!

So, what can you search for on PCHSearch&Win as Labor Day approaches? Anything and everything! PCHSearch&Win is powered by the best search engines on the Web … and simply by searching, you could win some fantastic instant prizes every day!

I tried PCHSearch&Win right before I started writing this blog post, and here is what I found about Labor Day: It’s been celebrated on the first Monday of September every year since way back in 1894. Some claim that the holiday originated in Canada. And, in more than 80 nations, Labor Day is known as “International Workers’ Day” and is observed on May 1st.


Now, YOU try searching using PCHSearch&Win! Here are some ways it can help you make the most of your Labor Day holiday weekend:

It’s the last hurrah for summer fun: Whether you plan a day at the beach or a visit to out-of-town relatives for the entire weekend, use PCHSearch&Win to check on the weather and traffic conditions, make hotel reservations, or find a restaurant with outdoor seating so you can enjoy those summer breezes while they’re still blowing.

Labor Day

Back-to-school time is here: Use PCHSearch&Win to answer questions like: Where can I find the best sale on backpacks? When are the high school football team’s home games? When is Parents’ Weekend at college?

Back To School

• Prepare for the fall ahead: Check out the latest fall fashions. I just used PCHSearch&Win to find out what’s in style for Fall 2013, and discovered that the new hot color will be gray, and super-cute hats will be on trend! Or use PCHSearch&Win to plan a day of apple picking in September and pumpkin picking in October.

Labor Day Weekend

However you choose to spend your Labor Day holiday, remember to head over to PCHSearch&Win. With the first search of the day, you could win our awesome SuperPrize, or some fabulous instant prizes every time you search! And that could mean the difference between working hard … or hardly working!

Happy searching, and happy Labor Day Weekend!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What plans do you have for your Labor Day weekend?

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Kanika Loeung said...

During my labor day,i probaly would do nothing, but sometimes i go to oregons blueberries picking.There preaty sweet there! Kanika L.

dariush maryamian said...

working on the computer on labor day weekened

Dwayne dickerson said...

add your comment here watching ball games on tv working on yard drinking ice tea

Dr. E David Akpan-Iquot said...

I have been playing for years…What should I do to win once?
Dr. E. David

Lily Skinner said...

With Family and Friends!!! :)

Leticia Bibo said...

Leticia Bibo Said..

kenneth lucas said...

I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830. Pch 5000 aweek superprize. And prize 3080 i would love that to

Theresa Dorman said...

Theresa Dorman said, I will work hard on becoming a winner for as much prizes, I can win. Have a happy labor day and best of luck to all.

EMMA Magill said...

i want too win big because i belivene it is true i hope it happin so i just got marring not long a go ? so i can help people need help i will help my chouch i pray every make it ask for god to give me good life it will happy so pch.com staff good night think you Emma b magill my new last name okay good days to all staff work out there

kenneth lucas said...

I want to win publishers clearing house givaway 1830 and me and wife will be. Home for the holiday. Weeked.

Winifred Myers said...

I would like to win something for sure, I have been at thie or a long time nd never wone a thing and zm too old to give up now. Hopefully will get togather with our grown Childreb ro go out for dinner, that is the plan at the present time anyway. We always enjoy seeing them so much.

Would sure like to win some sort of a prizd anything would be nice, but the Super prise would be relly SUPER for sure.
Will soon be 90 years old, so hope to be lucky soon.

Winifred Myers said...

Never give up Keep hoping.

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