Publishers Clearing House Will Never Forget

It’s been 12 years since the day that New Yorkers and the entire world will never forget.  I can still remember where I was — sitting in one of my English classes with the awful feeling that something big was happening out there. Minutes later, the news was broke, and we learned of the terrible tragedy that had occurred.

Everyone has memories of that fateful day. Those who saw it on TV and in the papers everywhere can recall the painful images, as well as those who saw it unfold before their very eyes. The millions of first responders, workers and civilians who never thought something like this could become a reality will always remember that chaotic scene and the days of turmoil that followed.

It took many long, hard years, but now a place that was once the sight of the unthinkable has been restored into a truly beautiful place of memory, honor and courage. The long awaited 9/11 Memorial is a place for those to reflect, give thanks and remember those who were taken on that day.

The two beautiful reflection pools, which stand on the original foundations of the buildings, let us stop for a moment to reflect on this horrible tragedy. It gives us a place to find peace and heal a little more everyday.

Now peaceful and strewn with trees, benches and walkways, this memorial gives Americans a place to remember those lost. The names of the thousands of victims — from police to fireman, civilians and first responders — are permanently engraved on the walls of these beautiful waterfalls.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go on a cruise around Manhattan with my boyfriend. Even though I have been a New Yorker for almost my entire life, I have never seen the city in the way I experienced it that night. It was truly magical. One of the most beautiful parts was passing and stopping on the waterside of the site of the memorial and the newly constructed Freedom Tower.

As the boat slowed and finally came to a stop, the captain asked for a moment of silence from those aboard to reflect upon the tower, memorial and all those who lost their lives. The feeling aboard was truly indescribable, as people from all over came together to remember the pain felt 12 years ago.

Take a moment today and reflect on the strength, love, hurt and healing that we have all experienced. The ways in which 9/11 has changed our world will never be forgotten, and neither will the heroes, the survivors and those who were lost.

We will never forget.

Victoria C.

PCH Creative


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  2. nena alotaya says:

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