A Publishers Clearing House Behind the Scenes Look with Amanda C.!

Amanda C.

You’ve read her blogs, you’ve watched her read the winning lotto numbers and you may have even seen her surprise a lucky SuperPrize winner with a Big Check!  I’m talking about Amanda C., Associate Creative Director here at Publishers Clearing House.

Amanda is the brains behind what gets posted here on the PCHSearch&Win blog, PCHblog and PCHPlay&Win blog.  I recently got to spend some time talking to her about her job and all the fun she has here at PCH to give our readers a Publishers Clearing House behind the scenes feature!

Genevieve: What is your position at PCH?
Amanda: As Associate Creative Director, my job includes developing the direct mail Sweepstakes packages that get sent to people’s homes and creating the fun contests you see in those packages. I am also Editor-in-Chief of the 3 Publishers Clearing House blogs: the PCHblog, the PCHSearch&Win blog and the PCHPlay&Win blog. (If you’re not currently reading ALL 3 blogs, let me tell you, you are missing out!) As Editor in Chief, I come up with the topics we’ll be writing about on the blogs every day. So please blog readers, if there’s something YOU want to see at the blog, let me know! My job is to make YOU happy!

Genevieve: How long have you been with PCH?
Amanda: I have been at PCH for 6-1/2 years (it will be 7 in February). This was my first job after I graduated college, and I started as a Junior Copywriter. And guess what?! My GRANDMOTHER actually worked for Publishers Clearing House, too! Guess it runs in the family :)

Genevieve: What’s a typical day like for you?
Amanda: No day is ever alike for me at Publishers Clearing House, and that’s what I love MOST! One day I’ll be coming up with a fun new contest for our blog readers — and the next I’ll be working on a PCH magazine advertisement.

Genevieve: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Amanda: Sorry, but I can’t name just one! For starters, the Prize Patrol trips are SUPER rewarding. Getting to be part of something that so completely changes someone’s life FOREVER is simply amazing. Seeing firsthand the look on someone’s face when you tell them they are a winner is just priceless! But I also find pleasure in the simple things — like reading YOUR blog comments. I check the comments every single day, and I just love when people tell me they enjoyed reading the blog. I also love seeing your smiley faces :)


Genevieve: How do you like to keep your blog readers engaged?
Amanda: I like to keep things fresh…whether it’s with a fun Throwback Thursday, an awesome game, or a cool behind-the-scenes feature, I want the blog to be a different experience for you, the fans, every single day! My absolute favorite is doing the videos though…it’s great to actually SHOW you readers the faces and happenings behind the scenes…plus, we always wind up with a ton of bloopers!

Genevieve: What is your favorite Edwin?
Amanda: Oohhh I love this question! Edwin as a pumpkin has to be my favorite. Halloween is my favorite holiday and orange is really his color!


Genevieve: If you could win one non-cash prize with S&W, what would it be?
Amanda: A new laptop, DEFINITELY!

Genevieve: Did you ever think you would be delivering the big check with the Prize Patrol? How does it feel?
Amanda: No, never! But I could not be happier! I love everything about the Prize Patrol…from wearing the blue blazer, to carrying the Big Check to giving someone the surprise of their lifetime!


There you have it, searchers! I’d say Amanda definitely has one of the coolest jobs here, and I’m super lucky to get to work with her.  It’s always great to know our employees are so passionate about our fans!

Remember everyone, Amanda LOVES seeing your comments, so give her a shout out below and keep them coming!

Until next time,

Genevieve P.
Social Media Intern

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  1. amanda collins says:

    that is a very beautiful picture of you:)

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    Thank you PCH Deb Morrison and your PCH Team for all the wonderful work that you do for PCH customers worldwide.

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    Beautiful smile!♡♥

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    I want win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 meet the prize patrol balloon flowers big check and have fun

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    I think I won the prize 3080 but it is very confuse

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    when i want to search at pch search it doesn’t let me to search

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    I’d like to have roses from The famous Prize Patrol. :)

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    Leticia Bibo said…
    I m here I still believe to win on PCH’s. Thank you

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