“I’m Set For Life!” “Forever” Prize Winner Michael Miller Exclaimed!

Learn the story of how Michael Miller, Publishers Clearing House’s newest “Forever” prize winner became SET FOR LIFE!


Our youngest SuperPrize winner ever, Michael Miller, with his “Big Check”!

Hey, my PCHSearch&Win pals …

All I can say is, “Wow!”  Just a few weeks ago, the PCH Prize Patrol paid a visit to the little township of Moro, Illinois, changing Michael Miller’s life forever!

Imagine one beautiful Thursday morning … being called to the door … and told you’d just won $5,000 Every Week for Life!  (And after that, $5,000 A Week for the life of someone special to you!)

No wonder Michael was practically speechless when our Prize Patrol gave him the good news and handed him his Big Check!


Michael, his Mom and a little helper “taking in” the amazing good news!

As a PCHer, I’ve been lucky enough to be a Prize Patrol “deputy” in the past, helping to deliver “Big Checks” to overjoyed winners. How good it felt to play even a small part in making people so happy!

So I was curious about what it was like to deliver our stupendous “Forever” Prize on August 29th. To find out, I spoke with our own Amanda C., who was an eyewitness to Michael Miller’s life-changing moment.


 There’s Amanda on the right, holding Michael’s roses!

MaryBeth: I remember that it was a bit of a challenge getting all the details in line for an award … locating the winner’s home, meeting with the local TV folks, picking up the flowers … everything.

Amanda: This time, everything just came together with no problems! We met the local FOX News team at a Schnucks market just a few miles away, picked up the flowers and balloons, and then we all drove over to Michael’s house. Even the weather “cooperated” – it was perfect!

MaryBeth: And how lucky it was that you found Michael at home, too!

Amanda: Yes, it was! Everything went so smoothly!

MaryBeth: Awesome. And what was our second “Forever” Prize winner’s reaction when he got the good news?

Amanda: I have to say, at first, he seemed stunned, as if he just couldn’t take it all in. (I’d probably feel the same way if it happened to me!)  When something that amazing happens, it must be like you’re in a happy dream you’re afraid you’ll wake up from.

MaryBeth: I agree. What do we know about our winner? 

Amanda: Well, he’s just 26 years old – so he realizes he’s got a LOT of weekly $5,000 prize checks in front of him! (I’m about the same age, which made me see things from that perspective).  And with the “Forever” Prize, those checks will go on for the lifetime of someone he chooses! Michael seems very close to his Mom, sisters and cousins … they were all so thrilled, it was almost as if THEY had won!

MaryBeth: Did things seem a bit tough for Michael and his family?

Amanda: Well, his mom Regina mentioned that Michael had been out of work for a while. She said, “We live payday to payday.” And Michael did say that he was looking forward to helping his family with his good fortune. “No more struggling for us!” he proudly exclaimed.

MaryBeth: What a wonderful experience, Amanda! Was there anything you took away from this unforgettable “Forever” Prize delivery? 

Amanda: Just how amazing it was to see someone’s life change before my very eyes! And all Michael did was enter – so simple. It could happen to anyone!

So, pay attention, blog buddies – it could happen to YOU, too! Entering our tremendous sweepstakes is as easy as signing in at PCHSearch&Win and making your first search of the day here. That’s all it takes to be in the running to win an amazing PCH SuperPrize. Then, like our friend Michael Miller, you could be SET FOR LIFE!

Make sure you search with PCHSearch&Win every day!

Your pal,

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

30 thoughts on ““I’m Set For Life!” “Forever” Prize Winner Michael Miller Exclaimed!”

  1. I WANT TO WIN!! I want to be the Forever Prize winner!! I would love to change me and my families lives for the better. It is great PCH can make these beautiful changes such as Michael. Miller and his family

  2. Im greatfut for every that is happening in my life.

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  4. Robin Doss says:

    Searching for intent to deliver set for life prize…

  5. Julie D says:

    Its awesome to see a real winner.I’m new at starting with pch…lots of people say its a scam..if so why are they putting out these real winners.I’m happy for him and his family.I’m gonna keep going.what can it hurt. Praying to God me and my finance can win and be set.love you pch!!!!

  6. Christine Terens says:

    Good morning to you Marybeth H. Just have to let a note here saying wow the game is all most over 1 day left for the big forever prize ? That is for this February 28 2014 right? Now just have to see really what is going to happen with all this. There again it is what it is with the game of waiting . Sure can say just never know what the out come my be right? Oh well back at the waiting game !:) thanks for reading this little note here. Then again this would help out in so many ways . Thanks PCH . Take care and God bless. ChristineTerens@yahoo.om dated for today February 27 2014. Christine Terens .

  7. I really need to win the PCH search $ win contest, because i have been trying it out for a really long time now, and have kids that are going to college!i’m trying my b est to do everything for my kids to have bright future please help me out here! and good luck everyone!

  8. Manal sabeiha says:

    I’m happy for you I’m searching everyday and I wish i win and make my husband happy and my family and show them that it’s real because they doesn’t believe it

  9. Jason Johnson says:

    I claim the nov 26th 7000 aweek for life #3080.

  10. Pearl says:

    I am in expectation to win the PCH Search & Win contest. It would be a life changing experience to where I could help my mother out with her debt along with my own debt to where I could possibly retire and focus on my other dreams that God has given me. All things are possible and dreams do come true, Good Luck every one that has entered.

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