Up Close And Personal With Dave Sayer Of The PCH Prize Patrol!


We always say that PCHSearch&Win is a place that could make you a Publishers Clearing House Millionaire! So we thought you might like to know more about Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol who has been awarding BIG PCH prizes for over 25 years!

Yes, as Executive Director of the Prize Patrol, Dave has a job that’s almost as exciting as receiving a “Big Check” from Publishers Clearing House: awarding “Big Checks” to lucky winners all over the country. Says Dave, “My favorite part of being in the Prize Patrol is traveling all over the USA and meeting our winners at what turns out to be one of the most thrilling experiences of their lives.”

Dave really has been all over … from coast to coast, from border to border, to the island of Maui in Hawaii to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska!  “Both of those were awesome locations,” says Dave.  “But, there’s more to location than scenery; I’ve been to many towns and cities in our other 48 states that have been very memorable, too.”

Although he’s given away hundreds of prizes over the course of his Prize Patrol career, Dave admits that it never gets old. “It’s a real thrill every single time… and kind of scary and miraculous at the same time…because I realize that with just one digit difference in the winning number we would have been knocking on someone else’s door. ” Dave continues,  “It’s also particularly meaningful to me and the winner… when some money is urgently needed.”

Edwin & Dave Sayer from the PCH Prize Patrol

As you might imagine, there have been lots of memorable occasions over the years. Dave explains, I love it when winners scream or fall down or burst into tearsbecause that makes for terrific TV viewing.  But from a personal standpoint I am touched when the “Big Check” arrives just in the nick of time when bankruptcy is imminent, or uninsured surgery is needed, or a job has been lost, or foreclosure is looming.”  Wow! What an incredible privilege awarding all that money must be!

Don’t you want Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol to show up at your door with a “Big Check?”  Make sure you enter as often as you can!  Once logged in, you’ll get a SuperPrize Entry with your first daily search at PCHSearch&Win .

Take it from Dave, Why search anywhere else?”

Happy Searching & Good Luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

291 thoughts on “Up Close And Personal With Dave Sayer Of The PCH Prize Patrol!”

  1. May Bee says:

    WOW ! Just wanted to say Thankyou! for all the happiness you give to people when you arrive with the “BIG CHECK” It’s so exciting to watch on T.V. So much FUN!..Good luck everybody!

  2. Carla M Anteese says:

    Dave is a empty headed per your brother in law you dumb ass joke of Louisiana BURN IN HEll Prediction of you being a Double talking Parrot fire truck. Champagne kiss my Angelfire forestry 911 ass

  3. Im claiming my big check

  4. Sandra lockwood says:

    well I order and can only do so much retired and on fixed income,after like I said 14yrs even 1,000 would be a God sent.But Delaware doesn’t get many winner odds to high for small state.

  5. Kristi Burkhalter says:

    Pch PrizeOwl Is So Cute I love Pch wish I could win for life with One Of those LUCKYBIGPRIZECHECKS that’s why I’m staying in it to win

  6. Sandra lockwood says:

    I put code in and then it comes back for password did a new one,but never does right no wonder after 14yrs I don’t win nothing.also small state Del. never gets a lot of winners only the larger state oh well God knows my needs

  7. Sharon Miller says:

    some one has been calling me saying that its you and that i have won a prize and for me to send them some money

  8. Sally G says:

    Hi Dave, sure hope I get to meet all of you this April 29th. I am trying my hardest to win the 7,000.00 a week for life. I am wishing and hoping for this wonderful experience to happen!!

  9. I would want the prize patrols deliver my dream prize

  10. I hope to meet you and the Prize Patrol some day, I have seen in your pics’, that you and the rest of the Prize Patrol members are wonderful and generous people with great hearts.Thank You, Archie Shaffner.

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