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Hi Searchers! Happy Monday!

Welcome to the spooky month of October! There are so many things I love about this month. First off, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are officially back! I don’t know if I have any fellow coffee lovers out there, but I know that this news makes me very excited. And who can forget that Halloween is only a few weeks away! Even though all of these things are super exciting, I bet a lot of you didn’t know that there is something very special happening TODAY!

That’s right searchers, today is World Smile Day! World Smile Day is a day that’s dedicated to celebrating the super popular yellow smiley face that we have come to know and love. Apart from celebrating the smiley face, the other purpose of this happy day is to offer us an opportunity to do an act of kindness! With all the negativity in the world, a smile can have a remarkable impact on someone’s day. So people, if you see someone who looks a little down in the dumps, shoot them a smile and add some kindness to this world!


Celebrating the smiley face today seems fitting considering that the other news I have for you will probably bring a smile to your face! Today marks another week of the ever-popular PRIZEFEST from PCHSearch&Win! Whatever you feel like searching for, if you sign in and search with PCHSearch&Win,you could also become a winner of some really fabulous prizes! Isn’t that so exciting? I LOVE killing two birds with one stone!

Without any more hesitation, here is what you can win this week on PCHSearch&Win!

Monday, October 7th: TODAY there will be a winner EVERY HOUR! and starting at 7:00 PM, there will be a winner chosen every 15 minutes!! Keep searching ALL DAY for your chance to win!

Tuesday, October 8th: ONE very lucky techy will win a Dell Laptop! Woah!

Wednesday, October 9th: ONE searcher will need a wheelbarrow to carry their prize of $1000 BIG ONES!

Thursday, October 10th: TEN very lucky winners will go home with $25 CA$H!

Friday, October 11th: FIVE winners will get their decorating on with $100 Ikea Gift Cards!

Saturday, October 12th: ONE lucky winner will have to pack their bags, they’ve won a $500 Travelocity gift card!

Sunday, October 13th: FIVE winners will shop till they drop with their $100 Macy’s Gift Cards!

There you have it people, another week of amazing prizes from PCHSearch&Win! If you want to be our next winner, be sure to always use PCHSearch&Win for all of your searching needs!

Happy Searching! :)

Christa P.

Creative Intern

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Kanika Loeung said...

I love your picture. I always following to PCH rule. :)

Tina Thomas said...

I wish they would lift mine i miss you all, i will get back i really want to win, big or smaller,we sure could use it now, have to buy everything all over again, after we lived with my Mom, and she passed away we have a bedroom outfit and that’s it, either we pray harder to our God for help, or maybe we will win by people helping us , but yes i just want to win and see the prize patrol at our door, that would be a blessing to .

JN said...

i am searching searching seaching

Emma Magill said...

Hi pch.com i love to winner big just wish dream come ture pch.com staffs

PaulaHoule said...

‘where in the world’s my ‘pch@superprize’email’10-7-13′.?’why me?still no ‘p.c.h.in my postal mailbox?paulahoule.

    PCH Staff said...

    Hi Paula, We would like to help you with this issue, but we will need more information. Please send us a message using our Ask Us page found here: http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask so that we can look into this for you. Our Ask Us page is our Customer Service page dedicated to answering your inquiries. It is NOT connected to your PCH.com account. If you’re new to this site, please create a new profile by clicking on “Create a Customer Service Profile” before submitting your message.

    - Jussie W. at PCH

Shirley Hart said...

Come on PCH Crew I am waiting to see you knock on my door.

Pamela Stephens said...

Good day! I’ve been searching front page….. couldn’t find any thing…. I want to win November 26th the 7,000.000 a week for life…. but I keep trying to search and win on front page! Thank you, I don’t know if its because I have a tablet in stead of a computer…using any device that is smarter than me, is called computer illiterate, really dumb when it comes to electronics….. lol :)

Ruby Arends said...

I remember the very first smiley face back in the day :) it still puts a smile in my face. Good Luck to all

Mrs.Patty Watson said...

Hi PCH buddies,I wish us all the best of luck.See you in the winner circle.
Good Luck*

Frank Medina said...

Goog luck to all…

kenneth lucas said...

I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 so i can find a new house for me and my wife a man

Natasha Damien said...

Feeling thankful for another day . God bless all

Sandra Prinzing said...

I have been doing these for years and have won nothing. I almost lost my husband 2 months ago, the bills are piling up and we both had to take time from our meager jobs.

It would be nice to have life just a little bit easier.

I keep praying and hoping.

Pamela Stephens said...

I would love to win the 7,000.00 a week for life….. and then again so would everyone else…I just keep hoping that I will be Blessed with this gift from P.C.H. SOOOOO LIFE CHANGING….. : ) sorry don’t feel very well today.. God Bless to All!

Jose villa said...

I got an email from a courier called dtdc who said I won $1000000 from PCH and went me to sent $500 so they can deliver the money . I try to contact PCH but know responded

marty brown said...

Like this very informative!