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Today is October 21st, and it’s the start of National Friends of Libraries Week!


I’m always at the library – borrowing books, CDs and DVDs. When my children were small, they would love to go to Storytime at the library. And when I was a little kid, I was probably at my public library every week. I couldn’t get enough of the Little House and Pippi Longstocking books, but my favorite book of all when I was small was Harry the Dirty Dog.

The public library is an amazing place. It’s chock full of information, you can spend a few hours there if you wish, and it’s absolutely free!

I know another place that is brimming with loads of information … a place where you can spend as much time as you wish … and where you don’t have to pay a cent to find everything you need: PCHSearch&Win!

Except there’s one huge difference between the library and PCHSearch&Win: PCHSearch&Win offers incredible instant prizes … with our weekly Prizefest!

Here are the super-duper prizes you can win this week:

• Today 10/21: Get ready for some serious shopping because FIVE lucky searchers can win awesome $100.00 HSN Gift Cards!

• Tuesday 10/22: TWENTY-FIVE fortunate individuals will walk away with $10.00 Cash prizes!

• Wednesday 10/23: Start searching for a movie! FIVE searchers will win $50.00 Stubhub Gift Cards!

• Thursday 10/24: TEN lucky searchers will win $25.00 Olive Garden Gift Cards! (Boy, do I love their breadsticks!)

• Friday 10/25: This could be your lucky day! ONE winner will win a BIG $500.00 CASH!

• Saturday 10/26: TEN lucky searchers will win $50 CASH!

• Sunday 10/27: Time to save money! FIVE lucky searchers will win $150.00 Overstock Gift Cards!

So, check out your local library this week … and for the best way to do your research, go to PCHSearch&Win NOW! Remember, every search gives you the chance to win a FABULOUS INSTANT PRIZE!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What was your favorite book when you were a child? What’s your favorite book now? Comment below. It’ll make excellent reading!

39 thoughts on “Find Everything You Need At PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. JUAN QUILES says:

    I would love to win all three with gods blessing

  2. Good Morning EveryBody At PCH winning is where it’s at hope i win

  3. carolinejinks says:

    I want to deposit 7,000.00 for life number 3080



  5. Do you see this pch, Dave Todd and Danielle, it’s me carolne Himes from Springhill Florida 6065 waycross drive Springhill Florida I have been akin you for years to come to my home!! I needed you there, I know you are the most busy people ever!!! But I so need you big time!!I lost everything when I had this brain bleed, I was a school teacher fr 18 years taking care of my family and going to school getting my degree to pay my bills and et an education , I became a teacher for many years then one day out f no where I had a massive brain bleed and almost died!I had to have open brain surgery ,dr hoh put a shunt in my brain that runs into my stomach, stays fr life,very painful, I lost my job, lost my pay , my husband des not work he has been sick for over ten years we have zero money, I have no insurance, Christmas is zero ,no nothing at all, I’m wishing for help from you please!! Money for my head, my vision, the cut to the front of my face ,a new home ,the home I live in is terrible is 1985 smells real bad I need a new home or repairs to the one I’m in please!!! I need miracles for Christmas anything at all is a miracle, God bless all of you and I just love you so much !!! Thank you fr your time and I just hope I can hear from you for Christmas ,I need a miracle,I believe in them ok!!!! I believe in YOu , Caroline Himes

  6. I LOVE ME SOME OLIVE GARDEN. They have really go food. I eat there every other weekend.

  7. I would like to win so I can give some to my two charities and my families. I need a car so bad I can see it. Thank u so much.

  8. Penny Tull says:

    I love The Olive Garden! Especially the salad bar, great food great atmosphere!

  9. I dont expect to be the next winner of this great sweepstackes of 7000.00 a week for life but it would be a wounderful thing to pass my way to win.I Darrell G. have been helping a women and her children that were on a down fall like most unfortunet people in this country. I found her liveing in her car the kids sent to relatives.Im retired Ive put this women in house with my own moneys her son now has made hi honors in school,he on the football team and is doing great now .But now im running out of money I wanted to buy the house Ive put them in it dose not look good for me or them I fear that it will all all go back to the beging.I feel if Inever cameto help this poor family that the children would have taken an unfoutionet turn in the wroung way. I wish apon a star that I or someone in the sam sition win the gret fortune. God bless you all.

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