Search&Win With Todd Sloane Of The Prize Patrol Elite!

Search&Win With Todd Sloane Of The Prize Patrol Elite!


Hey Searchers!

Did you know that coming up on November 26th, the Prize Patrol Elite will possibly be awarding the BIGGEST weekly lifetime prize ever in PCH history!? That’s right, folks. If you win in the special early look event on November 26th, you might have another thing to be thankful for other than delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, you might be the winner of $7,000 a week for life! Wow! Just thinking about that much money gets me SUPER excited, and I can’t even win! I really hope you’re all entering to win this massive prize every single day in every single way. Trust me, it’s definitely a prize worth trying for!

How do you enter for a prize as awesome as $7,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE? Simple! You can enter to win by logging into or creating an account on, and filling out an entry form! You can also enter to win by doing something simple you do every day…searching the internet using PCHSearch&Win! Once logged in, your first search everyday on PCHSearch&Win automatically enters you to win the SuperPrize on November 26th!

As if PCHSearch&Win wasn’t cool enough, you now get an added bonus — Todd Sloane! I bet you didn’t know that our very own member of the Prize Patrol Elite has his own personal Search&Win Page! It works the same way as the regular PCHSearch&Win page, but features Todd! How cool is that?

Now that you know what awesomeness PCHSearch&Win has to offer, log on right now and start searching! Remember searchers, YOU could be just one search away from changing your life forever!

Happy Searching!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Did you know that Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol Elite has her own personal Search&Win page, too?

77 thoughts on “Search&Win With Todd Sloane Of The Prize Patrol Elite!”

  1. Adrian Senneff says:


  2. Adrian Senneff says:

    iam wishing i will be the next win.

  3. Willie Rush says:

    My name willie Rush. I would love to win. What I will do is start an after school program for the kids. By renting a facility and have all sports such as basket ball/tennes/ vally ball/ hand ball. Have games/jump rope and much more. Also, get my youth choir gowns to sing in at other churches, and money into the building funds to maintain the maintain at the church. And money for the kids trust funds to go different venture places through out the whole summer. Be sure to pay my bills and by my three quadruplets twins grandsons get things they need. Who I have custody of. Do to there mother ( my daughter ) who was murderd last year by her boyfriend. Which he turn the gun on himself killing himself. Sucide murder! I pray that I can win! Thank you so much! There’s a lot I can do with that money.

  4. Hi Todd Sloane, how are you doing? This is Paul G. Carlson….Todd Sloane, I want to win $10,000.00 every a week for life plus double cash $5,009.00 every a week for life gwy. no. 4900 also I want to win Brand New Forsld Explorer. I needing Brand New Ford Explorer cuz my SUV is very old is almost 15 year old… Todd, I have been put into lots if entries in my mobile and I have lots total over 2,600,000 Token also BlackJack I have played it also got more 30 Gold tickets Todd, you better with PCH Control Department to check records and recheck it. Please Todd, doing is for me.

  5. Ana Diallio says:

    I would like to be the next PCH winner for the PCH Super Prize thats coming on November 25, 2014 .


    i want to win the 3080 .im trying hard to search. if i win it will be for homeless food a home a vacation my 3 children that i have left on earth an angel for my 30 year old daughter that was taken from me to heaven way to soon. i need a lonf relaxing vacation, thank you all for the chances to win. gail

  7. Adrian Senneff says:


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