Find Healthy Alternatives To Turkey For Your Thanksgiving!

Plan a healthy Thanksgiving this year with the help of PCHSearch&Win!


Hey Searchers!

I have a riddle for you and I hope you can answer it! What happens at the end of November, makes your mouth water, AND kicks off another year of holiday shopping? Any ideas? It’s Thanksgiving, of course! That’s right searchers, Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and I couldn’t be happier! Thanksgiving is that very special time of the year where family and friends take some time off from their regular lives and indulge in massive amounts of food, football, and all-around good times. But what really gets me excited for Thanksgiving is the food! That is the main event after all!

From Mac & cheese to stuffing to sweet potato pie, every family is different when it comes to what’s on their Thanksgiving table. However, one staple of every Thanksgiving dinner for families across America has always been the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Buying a turkey at the end of November is so normal to us, it’s almost automatic. Well fans, this year I want to break that mold, and I want you to join me!

Turkey doesn’t have to be the ONLY main course option on the Thanksgiving table! Personally, I don’t even like turkey that much; I usually fill myself up on side dishes instead! There could be plenty of reasons explaining why YOU haven’t replaced the ‘big bird’ on your Thanksgiving table yet. Whether its fear of losing tradition, or the fact that you just really love turkey, if you’re willing to switch things up, it could be an exciting way to spice up your holiday.

On top of trying not to have a turkey this Thanksgiving, I also wanted to try to make holiday food that won’t leave me feeling like a stuffed sausage! I know holidays are the one time a year when we allow our diet to go out the window, but if you’re like me and have a warm weather vacation coming up, a healthier option might be the choice for you.

Being new to a turkey-less, health conscious Thanksgiving, I decided to look to none other than PCHSearch&Win to see what I could serve to my guests that fit my criteria! As I expected, PCHSearch&Win totally delivered! I immediately came across an amazing article from Food & Wine Magazine that gives 20 super delicious turkey-less, health conscious Thanksgiving meal options! Wow! Just because you’re not stuffing your face with turkey and carbs doesn’t mean that your Thanksgiving meal has to be boring! With options like seafood stew, tofu-turkey, and pumpkin lasagna, you’ll might even find your new Thanksgiving favorite! AND instead of going for the mashed potatoes, hold off and try going for mashed cauliflower instead. It’s the same creamy texture but has half the fat!

So searchers, if you are interested in changing planning a healthy Thanksgiving this year, be sure to check out PCHSearch&Win to find healthy alternatives that will knock your socks off! They’re all delicious and all nutritious, and your waistline will certainly thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us if you’ve ever had a turkey alternative for Thanksgiving dinner!

17 thoughts on “Find Healthy Alternatives To Turkey For Your Thanksgiving!”

  1. annah willie says:

    wishing everyone a happy holiday and best wishes on there win whoever it might be.

  2. Svetlana Mitchell says:

    Thank you Christa! I like an idea of a healthy Thanksgiving.

  3. Nola Oliphant says:

    Turkey “celebration” alternative is to invite guest who are without family and see wonderous things happen. Like dating relationships, lasting memories and frienships for life.

  4. TERRI COCHRAN says:

    i have never had a thanks giving with out the turkey and one dish i like best is green bean casirole and the afer one is shepard pie and mash potatos at bottom then turkey then stuffing then a veggie than what ever else topped with cheese

  5. toni morgan says:

    I love. The holidays so i can eat and. I would love to win then i would not have to worry about the holidays ever again there was a time i was able to work and i got in a car.wreak almost 14 years ago now i don’t get hardly any money a month well just have to leave it in gods hands thank you for hereing me out god bless you all. …

  6. Quincy Blount says:

    As a family we dont have much .. Thanks Giving will really be me ending my semester classes and hoping we have more essential foods for Christmas… I’m thankful for what we have though… No turkey or ham but maybe a good gumbo . Mmmm I pray everyone has a great holiday Turkey neck in the gumbo might budget and be mouth watering… I’ll search for sure …

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