Thanksgiving 1621: No Cranberry Sauce but a Pretty Nice Party!


(The first Thanksgiving was all about being good neighbors!)

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Well, tomorrow’s the big day! Our turkey is still defrosting in the ‘fridge and my sister just called in a panic, saying her supermarket ran out of whole-berry cranberry sauce and could she bring the jellied kind.  For Pete’s sake.

It was a different story back in Plymouth almost 400 years ago! On that chilly first Thanksgiving 1621, the English colonists we call Pilgrims prepared to celebrate the colony’s first successful harvest.  But there was no ‘fridge, no supermarket, no oven and no can openers for the non-existent cranberry sauce.

So the men went out duck hunting, while the woman stayed home and ground corn into “samp,” a kind of corn-based oatmeal.


(Duck and oatmeal?! Go for the venison!)

Then, the guests arrived to get the party started!  This would be the Wampanoag with their leader, Massasoit. There wouldn’t have been ANY Thanksgiving — or, perhaps, any Pilgrims— if not for the survival skills taught by the Wampanoags.   And they didn’t arrive at the feast empty handed — throwing a nice haunch of venison on the barbecue.

And this Thanksgiving was B.Y.O.H. (build your own house)! The still-struggling settlers barely had homes themselves, so the visiting Wampanoags rigged up their own shelters.


(Couch-surfing was a real challenge in 1621!)

Yes, Thanksgiving celebrations have changed a lot since that 15th century “dinner party.” The Pilgrims and their guests would be astounded by the luxuries and comforts we take for granted every day.

One thing has stayed the same, though, all these years later:  the lovely tradition of gathering with folks you care about and giving thanks … for family … for friends …  health — life’s true riches.


(Thanksgiving 2013 is different … but the spirit is the same!)

And remember: as you get ready for tomorrow, PCHSearch&Win is there for you 24/7, whether you need last-minute gravy-making tips or driving instructions to your cousin’s house.

Now I’m going to turn the holiday table around and ask YOU a question! What’s in your family’s special Thanksgiving “history”?  Any funny stories?  Favorite dishes? Surprise guests? We want to know – so add your comments in the space below!

But most important of all, from “Our House” to yours, have the happiest,

healthiest “turkey day” ever!  We give thanks for good friends like you.


Marybeth H.

PCH Creative

P.S. Want to find out more about Thanksgiving 1621? You know where to go…PCHSearch&Win!

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  1. carla m Antee says:


  2. Cooking my first turkey for thanksgiving. It was in the oven for an hour. Called my mom, and complained, i didn’t find all the giblets that were suppose to be in the bird! She told me there’s also a neck cavity. “Opp’s, there they are”.

  3. Pamela Stephens says:

    I went and did some soul searching, spent time with family that I haven’t seen in a very long time! Giving Thanks for my Blessings that I do have, humble myself! :)☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡

  4. Sybil Sokol says:

    I have ever won anyhing in my life.( except for my husband who
    left me 6 years ago).

    9except for my husband!!!)

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