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Happy Monday everyone! Am I the only one who can’t believe it’s time for the holidays already? I feel like they just snuck up on us. Even though they are quickly approaching, there’s still time to get holiday ready! But where do you start?

First things first…finding the perfect Christmas tree! I used PCHSearch&Win to search for “Christmas Tree Guide”. As usual, the results I found from the website Real Simple were SO helpful!

Here’s what I learned:
• There are 5 main types of trees available for purchase in most of America

Christmas Tree

                • Fraser Fir: This tree has become a Christmas favorite in recent years, thanks to the pretty contrast between the silver on the underside of the needles and the dark green on top. These needles have blunt ends, and are soft to the touch making them safe for kids.

• Balsam Fir: This aromatic, dark green tree will keep a room smelling like a forest in Maine. All firs have good needle retention so you can go wild with popcorn strings and colored balls.

• White Fir: The white fir is called “the tangerine tree” because of its citrusy smell. The soft needles are flat and thin, and silvery blue, growing all around the branch.

• Eastern White Pine: The branches grow close together and have soft, hair-like needles. They grow in bundles of five, giving the tree a soft, full appearance.

• Douglas Fir: The inch-long needles are thin, pointed, and soft; they grow in two rows, as on the balsam, and stick out in different directions, giving the tree a beautiful, feathery appearance.

Now that you know what type of Christmas Tree is best for your family, we can move onto another fun holiday tradition…gingerbread houses!

Gingerbread House

Thanks to PCHSearch&Win, I was able to find a great site by Martha Stewart that told me everything I need to know about how to make a gingerbread house!

This specific recipe is for a “Swedish Gingerbread House” and is made by actually baking all the parts for your house. For those who don’t have that kind of time, your local grocery or convenience store should carry a pre-made gingerbread house kit. All you need to do is glue the pre-made gingerbread pieces together with icing, and then use the icing to decorate your house.


So, are you in the holiday spirit yet? Well if you weren’t feeling the jolly before, hopefully this will help…our list of instant prizes you can win this week at PCHSearch (make sure you’re logged in before searching)!

Monday, December 9th: ONE very lucky searcher will be able to splurge this holiday season with $1,000 of FA$T CA$H!

Tuesday, December 10th: The cash doesn’t stop there! TEN searchers will win $25 CA$H!

Wednesday, December 11th: Feeling the urge to redecorate? FIVE searchers will win $100 Ikea Gift Cards!

Thursday, December 12th: TODAY we will be awarding CA$H prizes all day long! Be sure to keep searching ALL DAY!

Friday, December 13th: On this Friday the 13th, prove them wrong and be one of the lucky ones! FIVE lucky searchers will win $100 Macy’s Gift Cards!

Saturday, December 14th: Have a passion for online bidding? FIVE searchers will win $100 Ebay Gift Cards!

Sunday, December 15th: End your week on a good note! ONE lucky searcher will land $1,000 FA$T CA$H!

There you have it searchers! I hope these tips will help you get holiday ready! Remember, PCHSearch is ALWAYS here to help!

Happy Searching!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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Leticia Bibo said...

Leticia Bibo Said…
YES I’m already to get my holiday but I need to win something for have a better holiday with my family, and friends.

Kanika Loeung said...

Nice decorations, I love them all.

Aram Mohammed said...

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leslie laverdure said...

I love the hliday lights this year that’s keeping me full of insights Put pch in lights……

Natasha Davis said...

Thank you Christa. Yes I love the holidays=)

nicky brown said...

i wish every a safe @ good chrismas@a happy new year

jesse diaz jr said...

My wish is to have a home for my 19 month son and my wife
Rossy that we were living on the street for 3 months cause my manager set me up so I could get fire frrom my job and from then we had to leave the place were we were living cause it was the same owner where I was working, ,,,,,,,, all I wish is a home for my family thank s advantage management for living us on the street s

toni Morgan said...

I love. Christmas i like blue spruce trees my grandchildren love to make ginger houses happy holidays..

Heather Smith said...

I would be happy to win anything we are hurting really bad my family of 6 we don’t even have money for rent ,electricity, gas,or yet a place to live for Christmas my landlord is telling us he’s going to kick us out this week.All I want for Christmas is a worm place to live with a tree for my wonderful children to at least have a Christmas.We could also loose our children over all of this. Please Help!!!!!!! Thanx!!!!!!Neither of us have a job I’ve been looking no one yet has hired me and dad just lost his truck driving job cause he found out he has diabetes and has to be on oxygen all day now so he can’t get a job we r hurting really bad!!!!HELP!!!!!!

Pamela Stephens said...

Love enter acting with my grandchildren, making gingerbread houses, so creative, love them dearly, it hurts to be on an fixed income! But hears the deal …. I’m going to win “BIG” AND BE ON THE WALL OF MILLIONAIRE WINNERS!#PCHLOVE:)☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡

Pamela Stephens said...

That’s going to deck my halls! Love to all have a since of humor, live , love, laugh, light…….. “BELIEVE” :)☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡

acqueline Musr said...

I I love Christmas and I wish that this could be the most spectacular year of my life by winning this prize. I mswish that I can be a winner knowing that I play the game daily. the more I play the less I see myself winning its like I play daily and each day the dates change to pick a winner I’m getting tired and I have talked and met people who have done the PCH winning lotto but say it never stops this company goes on and on I just wonder have their really ever been truly a winner. the only thing I have to say I wish you can be mean I would love to see the prize Patrol pull up to my house with the red roses as a big check with my name on it . Saying you all the grand prize winner.I want to be able to share my winnings with so many people an open so many doors because I have so many new ideas and that money will help for feel my dreams and many others. So I wish everyone very Merry Christmas.

Barbara said...


Roxanne quintero said...

I pray in Jesus Christ name that his grace may be over me and my three beautiful girls I have no way to buy gift s for them our my youngest family and I feel so horrible and ashamed may the good lord bless us this Christmas thanks for your time and merry Christmas to all :-)

Kristi Burkhalter said...

Search&win blog??