Behind The Scenes With PCH’s New Team Member! Meet Mike!

Hello Searchers!

How many times have you forgotten the name of a place or a movie that you loved? Maybe you just needed a new idea for a night out? Either way I’m sure you’ve jumped on your computer and headed to PCHSearch&Win for your answer (and of course, once logged in, a chance to win INSTANTLY)!

Now searchers, how many of you have done the same thing, but instead of your computer you jumped on your iPhone®, iPad® or other smart device? It’s so cool how the same pages you see on your home computer are instantly available in the palm of your hand on your smartphone!

How do we make this so fast and easy? Well I had the pleasure of talking with Mike B., a new member to the PCH team who does just that! As Senior Manager of Marketing Development, Mike’s job here is to make sure that all of you have the BEST possible experience while visiting our PCH sites on a mobile or tablet device!

Victoria: Hi Mike! Thanks so much for taking some time to do this interview! So, how long have you been working here?

Mike: I started here just 3 months ago!

Victoria: What is your role here at PCH?

Mike: I’m working to improve the mobile experience on PCHSearch&Win, along with all the other PCH properties. So many of our members use their mobile phones to visit PCH, and I want to make sure that they find exactly what they want.

Victoria: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where else did you work prior to PCH?

Mike: I was born here on Long Island and have lived here my whole life. I’ve got a lovely wife and two little girls who run our entire house. When I’m not here in the office, I’m usually chasing one, or both of my daughters around. I also love to run (when I’ve got a spare hour or so), and work in my garage building furniture for our new house. Before I joined PCH, I spent the past several years working at Etsy, the marketplace for handmade goods.


Victoria: What new projects have you been working on?

Mike: I’m working on making sure that when a member gets an email from PCH and opens it on a mobile phone that it is easy to read and tells them exactly what they need to know to get their chance to win.

Victoria: What is a typical day like here for you?

Mike: I’ve been trying to stay away from my desk and make sure I’m up talking to as many people as possible. After only 3 months here, I’m still learning all the ins and outs of PCH.

Victoria: Tell me about your experiences here at PCH so far? What do you think of the people? What about the atmosphere?

Mike: I love how friendly everyone is here at PCH. The whole company has a family-focused atmosphere, which really makes me feel like I made the right choice in coming aboard.

Victoria: What are your thoughts on PCHSearch&Win? And most importantly, what do you think of Edwin?

Mike: I love how easy PCHSearch&Win is. We all are searching for something online so many times every day. Why not get chances to win while you are doing it? Using PCHSearch&Win just seems like a no-brainer to me. As for Edwin, they say he’s got all the answers. I’m still waiting for him stop by the office so I can quiz him on what makes S&W tick. He’s pretty busy, but I think I’ll catch up with him soon.

Victoria: What kind of projects are you hoping to work on in the future? Anything exciting coming up that you want to tell our blog readers about?

Mike: Absolutely! We’re going to be working to make PCHSearch&Win simpler and easier to use in 2014, especially when you are searching on your phone. It’s going to keep getting smarter to deliver you exactly the info you need, along with your chances to win.

Sounds awesome! Thanks so much for your time, Mike! I hope our blog readers enjoyed getting to know you as much as I did!

So searchers, keep an eye out in the New Year for some mobile improvements to all of your favorite PCH sites!

Happy Searching!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

20 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With PCH’s New Team Member! Meet Mike!”

  1. Hi my name Mike Gumaer. I’d never dream that become a pch winner. I’d being bless by god and family. This is my time to do the right thing to get back to my kids. I’d was living in Redding California with my wife and two daughters. We where staying with her step mother things got out of hand my wife and her step mother though me out last year of February sixteen 2014. I’d didnt know what to do I’d was hurt not see my daughters they put straining order against me for what I’d guess I’m not good enough for my wife we bing married for six years . I’d work for Walmart for four years and I have to quit. I’d broke my left collarbone I had surgery done and I’ve been out of work ever since then.I was living in Walmart for a while in the breakroom to my managers decide for me to the go then I was living in a homeless shelter.

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  3. Natasha Davis says:

    woohoo I commented on this in December, man time sure do fly …. =) nice to meet you again Mike =)…

  4. Kevin Cochran says:

    The lately I am seeing she has a hard time getting Christmas for for daughters she works part time doing demo s. at work I would like to be able to give them the best Christmas ever and be able to have the house that. Thay live remodel that are having a hard time yes I could ask for me but I am not it would be nicher to see them to have.what they need I have to daughters that needs a house for their families and if I can help them both of them that would be great thay will finally have something nice.

  5. I pray that god will have grace over me and my family I don’t know how I m gonna buy my three beautiful daughter Christmas gifts this year I feel so sad and depressed cause I don’t know what to do but god will bless me oh Lord ! But there is no other feeling like blessings others when u have :-) 512 9067065 merry Christmas to all be bless cause we truly are :-)

  6. Wanda Lopez says:

    Welcome abord Mike,
    I am have problems with searching, I am asked to log in I do, try to search, asked to log in and the cycle starts again. This has been going on for about a week. I will stop playing if it is not fixed soon it is very frustrating. Mike., please help me!

  7. Vincent Plato the Lord Blesses me this day it will his will and a new life i hope to meet prizes Potol hi to all

  8. Tina Thomas says:

    Welcome Mike, i hope your journey here is a pleasent one i think PCH is fun they have so much do for us, it get’s me through my day’s have fun .

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    Welcome to two Mikes. :)

  10. Aicha laabid says:

    Heloo mike your welcome to pch and nice to meet you

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